Here By Invitation

Most of my life, I was pretty much surrounded by people whose socio-economic status was pretty similar to mine. We all went to public schools. Those of us who did go to college drifted toward public service types of jobs rather than high-paying professional jobs.
We lived in the same type of houses, drove the same types of cars and had the same sort of financial challenges.

Then I moved to a new town. While I still lived in a modest house, drove a modest vehicle and remained in public service, the median income in this town was higher and I was within closer proximity to people of means. I became very much aware of this the first time I began to walk into the homes of some of the people who attend my church. I came from a neighborhood which was peppered with homes and bungalows built from the 1920's to the 1940's. Originally, many of the people in my neighborhood worked for the railroad or Ford Motor with a few professionals here and there.

Now, I was walking into houses where you needed a map to get from point A to point B. Okay, maybe not a map exactly but you get the idea.

This morning I attended a new women's Bible study my friend Patti is leading this summer. I had never met the woman who is hosting the study though since I was running a bit late this morning, I was very pleased to see that she lives less than two miles away from me. Whew!

I was glad that plenty of cars and one or two familiar faces told me I was definitely at the right place when I pulled up. The hostess Chris, was standing at the door warmly greeting everyone.

As I slipped inside, I stood still for a moment and stifled a gasp. Oh, she had such a large and beautiful home, exquisitely decorated. Sigh... I don't have an artistic bone in my body but I can and do admire and greatly enjoy the work of those who do. I had the uneasy feeling that I did not belong in such a place. I just simply did not belong there.

That's when Chris turned to me with her bright cheerful smile. "I am so happy to meet you. Welcome! Please have some refreshments and make yourself at home!"

I shyly complimented her on her lovely home and her smile became even warmer if that were possible. "Oh, thank you very much".

Chris served us pastries, fresh strawberries and a refreshing fruit tea with fresh mint from her garden. Laughter filled the room as women greeted old friends and made new ones. We came from various situations. Some of us were young, some of us were older. Some of us were married, some of us were single. Some of us were disabled, some of us owned businesses while others were homemakers. We came from all walks of life and yet here we were all together... at the invitation of our hostess.

God has extended us an open invitation to be His child. Sometimes we feel like we are not worthy to be His child but worth has nothing to do with it. He invites us to be His child because He loves us and desires us to be in relationship with Him.

The enemy will try to tell you that you are not "worthy". You don't belong "here". You belong outside of the palace, outside of the fence. You belong over in that mud pit down at the pig sty. You know what? That part is correct. The enemy always likes to blend a bit of truth in with his lies. We are NOT worthy and that was where we DID belong (note the word did) except for the fact that God Himself extended us the invitation. The enemy NEVER talks about that. NEVER, but oh, how God loves to talk about that!

God invited us to come and be washed clean with the blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ and gave us clean garments made by His very own hands. It gets even better. Not only are we welcome at "The Palace"; He adopted us and it is our home. It is our home! :dance:

Never forget who you are in Christ Jesus. :heart:


K :princess:

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

oh this is lovely. But you now K, I would imagine you fitted in well with the beautiful and tasteful decor :)

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

[Quote]Never forget who you are in Christ Jesus[/quote]

We must be in sync this morning. God has just been speaking to me about the same thing! When it all comes down to it, when everything else is stripped away, the treasure remains.


Grey Warner @day2day ·

Oh my... LOVE IT! Thanks for such a great blog... I can relate so well... this hit home... THANK YOU!

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Thank you K - a real blessing.


Beth M @blest ·

Excellent blog!

Imiss D2d and kbird

Kristen L. Gray @mwifey ·

Boy! What a blessing of encouragement! Thank God for Jesus! Thank you for the lovely reminder