The Greatest Testimony of All

When I was in my teens, it seemed to become "fashionable" to have a testimony which involved deliverance from what many people consider to be the big sins; drugs, prostitution, crime, etc. I do not wish to diminish these testimonies in anyway. Far be it! I rejoice when I hear about how God takes broken, ruined lives and heals people from the inside out. These are wonderful testimonies of the redeemer power of Christ!

However, I remember going through a time when I felt like I had nothing to say. My testimony seemed rather mundane. I became a Christ-Follower when I was only seven, right before Sunday School. There was no fiery message or even an altar call. There were just some people who decided to pray for the families of some children who came to Sunday School. My mom was the person who would bring those children to Sunday School so I wasn't even one of the children whose families were being prayed for.

All I can say is God called me and I came. I was a bit nervous about it because no altar call had been given. I was a rather self-conscious child at times. Fortunately I had a mom who was sensitive to the Holy Spirit and He revealed to her my desire to become a Christ-Follower. She simply turned to me and told me it was okay to go forward and pray if I wanted to...and I did. I've never looked back since.

While I definitely have my own struggles and battles, I avoided a lot of what the world considers the big stuff. Of course, I daresay what the world considers small stuff is actually big stuff as well but you know what I mean. For example, I made it all the way through the 1970's (and beyond) without getting involved in a lot of the things which entangled my peers such as drugs, alcohol and other stuff. Suffice it to say that my husband and I were able to have all the parent/child talks with our son with a clear conscience. Best of all, we were able to bear witness to the fact that contrary to what the world may say, we are able to resist and overcome temptation through the power of Jesus Christ. God is bigger!

It doesn't matter if you came to Christ when you were seven, thirty-seven, sixty-seven, or ninety-seven. We were all separated from God. We all needed a Savior and we all responded to God's call and repented of our sins. Then God worked the greatest miracle of all. He transformed us from being dead in sin to being alive in Christ Jesus and reconciled with Him and He continues to heal us daily from the inside out.

K :princess:

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

AMEN. God never promises to give everyone a great and incredible experience when they get saved. What He promises is to SAVE those who call upon Him.

My wife's experience is about like yours and has often felt "left out" that she has no earth shattering and tear jerking tale to tell of how God stepped in and saved her in the nick of time. I tell her to be thankful her life never reached such a point of ruin that God had to invest such angel power to deliver her.

Thanks as usual,

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

My daughter's testimony is like yours k. God didn't have to go through the rubble to get to the good stuff! :) kbird