He's Got Us Covered

A comment made by my friend Shani Matthews (@shanijane) aka Shani today on The Wall, got me to thinking a bit about God's provision. I hope she won't mind my using her as an illustration. Actually, I don't think she would, otherwise I would not be writing about her. :wink:

Awhile back, Shani attended an amazing summer camp. It's summer down in Australia where she lives but Shani is generous. She promises to send summer back up to us in the northern hemisphere... someday.

After she got back from camp, I was chatting with her in the chatroom here at CB. She told me that while she was at summer camp, she won an iPad. HOORAY! I know of a few people around here who would be very excited about winning an iPad, right John?

Then Shani casually mentioned that her laptop, the one she uses to access CB, died. Awww... BUT she can still come to CB because she got her free iPad, just in time. HOORAY!

Yesterday, while my husband and I were waiting for my car to be repaired, I pulled out his iPad and headed over to CB for a bit. I made a comment about it on The Wall and that was when Shani responded, reminding me about her recent loss and gain.

That got me to thinking just a bit about God's provision. Life is going to throw us lots of curves. We're going to face losses and have mishaps at times. When we do, we need to remember that one way or another, God has us covered. Now, His provision might not look quite like you'd want it to look like. Instead of winning a new car (or iPad), you might get the means to fix what you have, you might be able to obtain something used, you might be able to borrow something for a little while or whatever. However, you can always be certain that if it is something you truly need, God will provide.

Enjoy your iPad, Shani!


K :princess:

Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

The Lord is my Provider has been pounded into my head with a two by four. If I am not sure about anything else about Him, that is it. I know that without a doubt. You couldn't live through what I have without KNOWING that.


Billy Beard @billyb ·

Congrats on the Ipad shani! I am glad both of you are well. He always provides. Good subject. God Bless.

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

Hey there lovely. Ha! cool blog! I was incredibly blessed, see God knew that I needed to come in here and harass good folk like yourself lol ;). But truthfully, He does know our every needs, sometimes even before we do! He is cool like that!

Blessings, shani


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