Hide Me In The Shadow Of Your Wings

Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings Psalm 17:8 (NIV)
If there was anyone who knew about receiving glorious promises from God and then having to run for their life, it was David. Samuel, as instructed by God himself had anointed David as king. God had used David to slay Goliath and thus deliver his countrymen from the Philistines. He went on to perform great feats of valor and became the darling of the people. He even was given a princess for a wife! Could things get any better than this? This is the way it is supposed to be when you are living for God right? So why do we find David on the run fleeing for life so many times?

Only God knows why He allows us to avoid certain battles sometimes and fight certain battles other times. Only God knows why He delivers us at a specific point in time. Only God knows why He chooses to heal one person, give another person the grace to live with their illness and calls another person home. That is God's concern, not ours.

I only know that whatever path we tread, we can be confident that He is with us. I only know that He is faithful and will be with us every step of the way. I only know that we can trust Him... no matter what for like David, we are the apple of His eye and we are safely hidden in the shadow of His wings!


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