Honor Where Honor Is Due

Until the very end, throughout the movie, October Sky, all of the successful endeavors of Homer Hickam, Jr. were marred by the fact that he did not believe he had the approval of his father. The father who would take off work to see his eldest son play football, was too busy at work to watch his youngest son launch rockets. It didn't matter that the crowd which gathered to watch the launches by grew larger each time. The person Homer wanted there the most, Homer Hickam, Sr. was not present. Though it was Homer's passion to design, build and successfully launch rockets, it was not what he craved the most. The thing that he craved the most was to make his father proud of him.

A high percentage of the students I taught over the years were not living with their fathers. I remember how thrilled they would get if their dad was going to be picking them up from school. They would tell everyone around them that their dad was coming. When their father appeared on the scene, the child would suddenly stand taller and straighter. They would raise their hand higher, read louder, work harder, play harder and do whatever they could to make their father proud of them. They wanted their father to be proud that they belonged to him and it would crush their hearts if their father disapproved of or even ignored their efforts. I have seen the crushed looks and the broken hearts just as I have seen the uncontained joy on their faces when they knew they had pleased their father.

We often think that the way we honor God is by worshipping Him through song, praise and prayer. Yes, those things certainly do bring God pleasure but like our earthly fathers, I think we honor God through our actions and by the way which we live. A question worth asking ourselves each day is, "Has my life honored God today?"


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