How Is Your Connection?

At first I did not even realize that it was happening. I would be zooming along on the internet, happily racing through cyberspace unaware that sometimes when I stopped to take in the view I became disconnected for a moment. It is hard to say how long this had been happening before I became aware of the problem.

Then a few weeks ago, I got a message that said my browser couldn't find the page. Hmm... my internet must be down. Oh, wait a minute! There's the page! I was up and running again so all was well. There must have been a brief interruption in service but no matter. I was back to speeding along the cyber highway once again. I love zooming along, don't you?

Then a bit later it happened again. Maybe that website was down as it looked like the one I had opened on another page was up and running. Or was it? Sigh... it wasn't. Wait, things are back up again. Hooray!

I was on the landline talking to my mother when suddenly the call dropped. Sigh... mom was on her cell phone so it must have been her service. It certainly could not be the fault of my phone. I called her back only to have it cut out again. When we were reconnected once again, I told her to call me when she got home. Silly cell phone service! I have VoIP phone service and it never occurred to me that the problem might be on my end. After all, when I turned my attention back to my computer things were humming merrily along just like they were when I had stopped to answer the phone.

After a few days, however, I noticed that a strange pattern seemed to be emerging and it was happening more frequently. It seemed almost like my internet service had the hiccups. I began to pay closer attention and sure enough, my connection did seem to have the hiccups. It would be fine for hours but then without warning I would lose service for perhaps as much as five seconds only to have it come back on again. I wondered if my elderly Mac was giving out on me. Grrr... I definitely did not have the money to replace it at the moment and though I do have an iPad, I really do still like using a desktop.

I was pondering this a few days later when I was using my iPad. It hiccupped. Then my husband told me that he had noticed our Roku doing the same thing and he had also noticed this with his laptop as well. Uh-oh. Obviously this problem was not restricted to my desktop. I did what I always do in a case like this. I decided that my ISP must be at fault. In my defense I must say that this was a reasonable assumption because in the past it generally WAS their fault and I would be one person in a crowd of hundreds or even thousands of unhappy customers.

I talked to a very nice man in customer service who seemed very sympathetic to my plight and did not consider my problem to be the result of user error or my imagination even though nothing was showing up on his end. In fact, he assured me that if the hiccup was very brief it wouldn't show up at all. He asked a few more questions before having me crawl down and attempt to read the tiny letters and numbers underneath my router. My router? I thought that perhaps I was having trouble with their modem. It turns out the problem wasn't my modem. It was my router. I would have to contact Linksys and have them update my router.

I sighed and wished that my husband was home. I hate tech stuff. Techs are always looking for numbers that are located in inconvenient places and they use funny words that I do not understand. They have no sense of humor and end up treating me like I am four years old. They prefer going the direct route while I prefer taking the scenic route. It is not so bad when my husband is home. He is a tech and can either act as a translator or speak to them himself.

The tech I spoke with must be married to someone like me because before I could say anything he gave me the direct phone number to the right department at Linksys and thoughtfully gave me a script of exactly what I needed to say. Whew! That made me feel a lot better.

Armed with my script, I called Linksys and was connected to another nice man who probably thought I sounded a bit like his mother. That can be very useful at times. He patiently and carefully reviewed the information I had given him and then gave me the bad news. There were no more updates for my router. It was too old. He could refresh it but warned me that while that fix might last for a day, a week, a few months or even a year, I would continue to have the problem and things would only get worse. It was up to me but if I wanted a lasting solution, I would need to get a new router.

After asking me some more questions, he gave me some recommendations. I could get one from them but I declined. I figured I was getting into deep water by now and had better wait to talk things over with my husband first. If we needed a new router, I needed to let the more technical person decide which one we needed and who had the best price.

Today I went with my husband to pick up the new router. We think the old router was purchased about eight years ago. In those days we had a desktop and a laptop. Nowadays we have a desktop, a laptop, a wireless printer, an iPad, two iPhones, a blu-ray player, a roku and well, you get the idea. Our old router simply was not equipped to handle all of that nearly as well as the new router does. It appears that the new changeover has gone smoothly. So far we have noticed no interruptions and in fact, things seems to be zooming along rather nicely. We now have a good connection and the right equipment to do the job properly.

I am reminded that sometimes our connection with God needs a little work. This is not His fault. It is ours. We have become complacent, become connected to and overloaded with other things. Often this happens gradually. We will become aware of a "hiccup" now and then when there seems to be a loss of power. We might even idly wonder about it but then we zoom off without giving it a second thought. We are getting along "okay" so we don't trouble ourselves about it. The thing is, problems seldom go away if they are left alone. They only become worse.

When you notice those little hiccups, you have a connection problem. It will not get better on its own. Those hiccups will only become worse. Instead you must run, not walk, to God who will help you fix that faulty connection and get things running smoothly once again.

How is your connection?


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John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Very good as usual from our resident story teller.


Beth M @blest ·


I was sure it was mice. Around here, it usually is.

Or squirrels. Squirrels and mice have knocked out our electricity, our phones, you name it.

I sighed and wished that my husband was home. I hate tech stuff. Techs are always looking for numbers that are located in inconvenient places and they use funny words that I do not understand. They have no sense of humor and end up treating me like I am four years old. They prefer going the direct route while I prefer taking the scenic route

:clap: Love that quote! We ARE sisters! :clap:

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