I Am Responsible!

It was a beautiful glorious day like every single day before it but it was about to turn into the worst of nightmares. A single action would not just bring a curse upon themselves and all of their descendants but upon all of creation itself.

Have you ever noticed that whenever we get "caught" our first inclination is to attempt to justify our actions by blaming someone or something rather than ourselves? We love to take responsibility for our actions when we do good but are extremely reluctant to do so when we don't. While we may admit to wrong doing, like Adam and Eve we find ourselves looking for someone who "made" us do it. Perhaps we will say that they lied to us or we might suggest that we had no choice, they bullied us or forced us to do wrong so it is not our fault. God's response to sin in Genesis 3 indicates that He does not play the "Blame Game". God holds us responsible for our actions. He always has, He always will and indeed as God, He must.

At this point you might be wondering, "What about grace?" That's a good question and in order to answer it, you have to understand that grace does not mean we are innocent. In fact it is quite the contrary. It means we are guilty and God in His great mercy does not merely refrain from giving us exactly what we deserve, which is death; He is willing to give us what we do not deserve, which is not only life but being adopted by Him and becoming joint heirs with Christ. We have been pardoned and restored into a right relationship with God but the fact remains that when we sin we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Until we recognize and accept this, true repentance cannot take place. Though we may say the words, in our mind we are holding ourselves blameless because it was the fault of someone else. "They made me do it!" "I had no choice!" "I didn't want to but someone told me it was okay so that's why I did it!" These are the statements of someone attempting to justify their actions as opposed to repenting of them.

Ephesians 4:17-32 outlines how God wants His children to live. If we were not responsible for our own actions, God would not have given us these and other instructions and commandments that are found in His Word. We are responsible for our actions.

In our own strength, it is impossible for us to live victoriously. This is why we must act responsibly and call on God to help us resist temptation and live in a way that brings glory and honor to His name. We need to stop making excuses and start living responsibly.

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Thanks KReynolds for sharing your thoughts on responsibility!

No doubt that this is the key to success in our lives and in our salvation because let's face it no one likes someone in denial about the truth though it is plain to see but they Deny it before you and the witness Christ Jesus who they know not of whom being the book keeping of their lives jotting down everything !

Their closet is full so they dig themselves holes that they might hide.

Be blessed forever

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

We do like to abdicate our responsibility at times don't we, and we start to practice it when we are still crawling.

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