I Believe, I Hope, I Am A Survivor

A little over a year ago I wrote a blog called Living Life As A Sin Survivor in which I expounded on an earlier analogy I'd made between sin and cancer. (See Cancer An Object Lesson On Sin)

Yesterday I walked at the Minnesota Race For The Cure. Due to the hectic weekend I had, we did not pick up our t-shirts in advance. This meant we had to get them the day of the race. My family and I checked in and she handed us the placards and instructed us as to where to pick up our t-shirts. I took the placard she handed me and froze. This wasn't the right one for me and I knew it. You see, it was the wrong color. Most people get white placards with their number on them and they get white t-shirts with Race For The Cure printed on them. But you see, I'm not "most people". I'm a "survivor" which means my placard is pink. I go to a different place to pick up my t-shirt. My t-shirt is pink and it is completely different from the "ordinary" t-shirts. I get a bag full of "goodies". A pink t-shirt entitles you to a seat in the rotunda at the Survivor's Celebration afterward as well as special gifts which are passed out by volunteers. You have to be wearing a pink survivor's t-shirt in order to gain admittance to the area. Everyone else has to stand around the perimeter during the celebration. You can see why I would not want a white placard...not when I'm entitled to a pink one.

So I declared myself. I declared who I was. I wasn't just anyone. I was a survivor. "You're a survivor?" Quickly the woman at the table looked up my name again. "Oh, I am so sorry!" She was actually flustered and very apologetic. "I made a terrible mistake. Give me back that placard. Here this is the one you're supposed to have." You need to go over there to get your t-shirt because you're a survivor.

I loved what this year's t-shirt said: I believe I hope I am a Survivor

Once again all of this reminded me of my walk with Christ. It is important that I declare who I am in Christ. I'm not just "anybody" I am a "sin survivor", a :princess: of God! It is critical that I never forget this and I reflect this in my daily life. As a "survivor" I must believe what God has said and I must place my faith and my hope in Him...no matter what. I must never forget that I am a Survivor!


K :princess:

Andrew Luckhaupt @luckyone ·


Thank you once again for perspective. I know I did not fight the same fight you or my mother fought, but I also feel like a survivor. I have come through the last year and I can truly say that I have never been closer/more dependant on God as my Abba. I am sure that those around you probably feel the same way.

God bless you.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

You absolutely are a survivor Lucky One! That's one reason my chronic illness group here at CB includes family. God does turn our darkness into light. I also know you had to have a an amazing mom because I as have gotten to know you here at CB, I've discovered she has an amazing son who loves and cares for his family and desires to be a man after God's own heart.


K :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Amen my sister. And we don't just survive, WE LIVE!

Sheena Carlsen @sheena ·

May lord jesus bless you
YES! You are a survivor!
Praise the lord (: