I Just Love You!


A friend of mine posted a blog today here on CB about what I like to refer to as challenges. We all have them. They may come in different packages, they may be different sizes and some hang around for a lot longer than others but they are still challenges that like to threaten to bring us down. Sometimes those challenges are external but often they are internal and truthfully I believe those are the most challenging of all.

A comment another friend posted on her blog struck a chord with me. She told our mutual friend, "I just love you." She went on to say, "That's it. Just love you."

I sat back and thought about that response. I know both of these women and I can say with confidence that the woman who said it, meant it with all of her heart. Then I heard God "whisper" to me, "I just love you. That's it. Just love you."

For a moment I felt His warm embrace. I know that there are times I am very unlovable. There are more times than I could ever count. I know I do not deserve God's love and I know there is nothing I can do that could ever make me worthy of His love. The same is true of every single one of us and yet God still says, "I just love you. That's it. Just love you." :heart:

Image Credit: GESINEK/RGBstock.com