I May Be A Princess But He Is The King!

At the church I attend, the senior pastor is currently doing a sermon series on the names of God. This week the name was Adonai which means lord, master and denotes complete ownership.

It seems that in Christianity there are often two popular views of God, neither of which I believe to be correct. On the one hand we have the view of a cold, demanding God who is the image of a cold-hearted, indifferent and might I even venture to say sometimes cruel God who delights in punishing His children.

At the other-end of the spectrum, we have a benevolent, submissive view of God. He strives to win our love by lavishing us with whatever we want/demand and scurrying about carrying out our orders, ever hopeful that some day we will love him. These pictures make me want to :cry:

Here at CB, my avatar is a pink rhinestone pin which spells out the word "Princess". It is pinned to a pink baseball cap which I wore most of the time throughout my chemo and radiation treatments. It served and still serves as a reminder to me that I am not just anyone... I am a Princess... God's Princess! Remembering that has carried me through some very dark and horrible moments which were so horrible that I long for the day when things like breast cancer and ruptured brain aneurysms will be eradicated once and for all! How I long for no one to ever have to face those types of things again!

Yes, as a child of God, I am His princess and if you are one, you are his princess or prince :mrgreen: as well. That being said, being a princess or even a prince does not make you the king.

There is only ONE King! I am not him and neither are you. We must never forget, God does not need our permission to do what He sees fit the way He chooses to do it whether we think that is the best way or not. We must always remember that we are a princess (or prince :mrgreen), not THE KING!

May we always remember who we are and recognize and respect God for who He is.



Resounding Amen!
Yup, thats about it just Amen!

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

What truths you speak dear princess -I must also confirm with AMEN!


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