I Want To Be A Real Princess

While looking through some old blogs of mine this evening, I came across a reference I'd made to a blog called Speaking Truth In Love--The Legacy Of A True Princess written by Blessings2you otherwise known as "B2Y". The blog took a look at the lives of two women who died less than a week apart; Princess Diana and Mother Theresa.

As I re-read that blog and the comments which followed, I thought of a story by Hans Christian Andersen called "The Princess And The Pea". I'm sure many people are family with this story but for those of you who are not, I will offer up this synopsis.

A prince wanted to marry a princess but he wanted her to be a real princess. He searched throughout the land but something was always wrong. How could he know if she was a real princess?

One stormy evening, a bedraggled woman shows up at the castle. She claims to be a real princess but she looks nothing like one. So, the queen decided to check out her claim. She has a pea placed on the floor. Then she piles 20 mattresses on top of it. The princess is to sleep on the top mattress.

In the morning, she asks the princess how she slept. Oh, the princess was miserable! She didn't sleep a wink! There was something hard in the bed and she tossed and turned all night. The queen knew she had to be a real princess for only a real princess would be delicate enough to feel that pea through all those mattresses.

We can look right, talk right and yet not be the "real thing". Christianity is not a garment you slip into when it suits you. It must be who you are.. a new creature in Christ. Although I was only seven when I became a Christ-Follower, there was a noticeable transformation. In fact, the day I became a Christian was the very day a long-standing "neighborhood war" ended with the children of a family who lived at the other end of the block. I publicly told both them and my friends that I wasn't going to fight any more because I'd asked Jesus into my heart and I thought we should all become friends. We did just that! :mrgreen:

May we all continuously examine our lives so that we might live like "real" princes and princesses!


K :princess:


heya :princess: K ( im supposed to be in bed now.. which i am. but i snuck my laptop in with me shhh)
Great blog chickee. such an awesome reminder also!! I just love it when i find ur bloggy gems!

Blessings dear one!

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