I Want To Be God's Surprise!

This past month, the sermon series at my church has been Surprise Me, God. Previously, my pastor had read a book by Terry Esau called "Surprise Me". Actually, it is a 30 day journal of what happens when a man actively invited God to invade his life by starting each day with these three words, "Surprise me, God." This isn't about "stuff", it is about giving God free reign in your life and discovering him in the ordinary moments of your life. You never know where God will take you.

I have to say, this sermon series really appealed to me as this is the way I have tried to live my life. Oh, I don't mean I awakened every morning and said, "Surprise me, God." Rather, since childhood, I have been a staunch believer that God is interested in every single detail of your life and if we take the time to look for Him, we will find Him everywhere!

This past weekend, we moved from "Surprise me, God" to "Let me be the surprise!" What if... what if God chose to use YOU to be His surprise for someone else? What if YOU got to deliver the words of encouragement someone needed. What if YOU got to deliver the testimony someone needed to hear. What if YOU got to deliver the groceries to the hungry, visit the lonely, share words of healing with the broken-hearted or even simply smile at the person who felt unloved. What if that got to be YOU?

You know what? I want that to be me. I want to be "God's surprise" to someone, not just today but everyday. How about you?


K :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

What a cool sermon series! It leaves so much opportunity to move in God's direction..where ever that happens to be! It sounds really uplifting.

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

LOL! I just read this and thought "Ooh, I must comment" then I got confused when I read that I already had ... in 2009! The truth still applies - from beginning to end. Amen