I Want To Go With!

I realize my title is not written in proper English. The title is a dead giveaway that I am a Minnesotan of Scandinavian descent. The title is the battle cry of my childhood and I have to confess I still have that same battle cry today. The final destination never mattered much to me when I was a child. I simply wanted to be in constant motion. There was so much to see and do. I had to see what was over the next hill. I had to swim in that lake and peer underwater. I had to see what was under that rock. I wanted to go everywhere and see everything...right now.

To stay behind was bad. You could stay behind anytime. Oh, there might be some fun in staying behind for awhile. You might get to do some fun things but they were pretty much things you'd already done before. Besides, you were always wondering about what those who got to go were doing! When I got to go, it seemed like I seldom every thought about those who were left behind. I might miss them a bit but I never wanted to go back to where they were. I always wanted them to come and join me!

The Bible is filled with the stories of people who decided they "wanted to go with." when God headed off. Noah knew he'd look like a fool but if building an ark was where God was going to be, than that's where Noah wanted to be. Moses gave up a powerful position and financial security but he preferred to be where God was even though it meant lonliness, frustration and rejection by the very people he loved so much. Gideon wanted to be where God was. He was scared but he didn't let his fear stop him. It would have been so easy for him to just say, "Let someone else do it." Peter left everything he had and Paul gave up a powerful position of authority.

When God says "Come," do you cry "I want to go with!" ? To go with God is not an easy matter. The path is difficult. It can seem very lonely at times. Often times, you may feel like you've stumbled onto the wrong trail. You may feel like giving up.

Don't! You can be sure that he will not allow you to wander off. Not if you keep your hand clasped around his. You don't have to be brave to go with God. It is impossible to be brave enough. You don't have to be wise for there is no way you can possibly ever be wise enough.

You only have to be willing to place your hand in his hand be willing to lay down your will for his will. It may sound tough but in reality it is the only place to be!

Samantha Shemer @youaregolden ·

Wonderful blog! :clap:


Your in my prayers!

-Golden :flower:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

He is definitely the one you don't want to go without! ;)

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