I Want To Live Well

Over the past nine months, I've been pondering what it means to live well. Last December, when faced with my own mortality, I looked back on my life and asked a common question people ask themselves when they don't know how long they might have to live. Do I have any regrets? Overall, my answer had to be no. There are things I may have wished I did better. I may have wished I'd given more of myself than what I had but for the most part, I didn't have any real regrets.

I accepted Christ as a child. I've been happily married to the same wonderful Christian man who is the love of my life for 27 years. While externally we have faced difficult times, we have always reached out and held each other by the hand. Of course we have our moments but we have never forgotten that we love each other and we have truly never allowed ourselves to go to bed without resolution. We're a rarity in this day and age. We've only been married to each other. We don't think anyone else could live with either one of us.

My 23 year-old son called me up a few months ago just to tell me thanks for raising him the way I did and he wanted to thank me for being his mom. I wasn't perfect by any means but he knew he was loved unconditionally. I think that's the ultimate compliment a mother could ever get.

As my thoughts are turning toward the future, I am realizing more and more that I want to live well. Living well does not mean you live in the lap of luxury. To live well means you have a clear conscience towards God. To live well means you live as a victor despite your circumstances rather than be victimized by them. To live well means you desire to die to your own will and let Christ reign in your life. To live well means you are willing to sacrifice everything to God. By the way, if it doesn't require any effort or discomfort on your part, it is not a sacrifice.

I want to always stand for Christ. I don't ever want to hang my head in shame when others mock his beautiful name. I don't ever want to save my own skin at Christ's expense.

I want to be able to look past outward appearances and see individuals through God's eyes. I want to understand them better and be able to see them behind their masks. I want to be able to truly love others as Christ loves me.

I want to be able to truly say with my whole heart that I understand and fully accept that everything I have belongs to God. I am simply his steward and I want to be faithful in that calling.

I want to be able to shift my attention from myself and focus it on Christ. When I do that, I am stronger and more joyful than I could ever imagine possible. When I'm focused on Christ, nothing is too hard for me to face. My strength is renewed. My life blossoms and the lives of others blossom around me as well.

This is a glimpse of what it means to live well. This is what it means to live like a princess (or prince) of God!

K :princess:

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Amen and amen sister. What a wonderful thought--to live well. I must ponder that phrase for I really like it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and they are entirely right on the mark.

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Learning to trust God is one of the most difficult endevours for a Christian. The fact that he fed five thousand in the wilderness with five loaves and two small fish has to come down to us and understand how in control God is of our lives and trials. Provision for him is not a problem. It is problem when we doubt and focus on ourselves. Not widstanding when he calmed the storm at sea is another example of the magesty of God. Like I said the trial comes when we doubt and worry and don't give his the glory his deserves by simply trusting in his promise

that he will never leave us nor forsake us. May you be blessed. Amen.


Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Just thinking about you - and there you were! Wonderful blog k. Thank you. Heaps of blessings in Jesus, kbird

Albert Bunyea @bubbavela ·

What a blessing you must be to the ones that know you. I too want the same things that you want. I love your list of wants. I too have been married to one person, for my whole life. My wife and I have been married 25 years. I also agree that no one else would want to be married to me. What a blessing it was for me to get lucky that first time.

I do have many regrets though. I wish I could say that I have always made the right choices, but of course none of us can. Thanks to the good Lord I know what most of the bad choices where. My biggest regret is, I took to long to figure out I didn't have to live like a pig anymore.


Daniel Reynolds @amuse ·

For whatever reason, this blog makes me think of the ending of the movie, The Last Samurai. Wherein, the emperor of Japan, askes Tom Cruise's character how (the emperor's old mentor and teacher) Takimora died in combat (against the emperor's own army). Tom Cruise's character instead says, "Let me tell you how he lived..." And there ends the film. Its not important how we pass, its important how we pass this time we have. Kudos! See you later Mom.

Ramona Meek @ilovehimso ·

This was beautifully touching and clearly straight from the heart. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you wrote. And the most beautiful truth of all is that He is so worthy of our trust, praise, and unconditional service. I can't believe the years I wasted before coming fully and completely to His grace. Blessings upon you!

Dana Rongione @danagirl ·

Thank you! That should be the desire of us all. Sometimes the goal seems so out of reach, but those are the times that God reminds us to walk in His strength and not our own. Great blog!

Virginia Sills @happytoberestored ·

Dearest K,

I have to tell you yet again that you are a source of such inspiration to me and such a blessing in my life.

This blog is perfectly timed for me and for my life. I praise God that you accept what He leads you to do for Him.

Yes, I want to live well, knowing that I live for Him.

Thank you dear sister.