I Was Sick And You Visited Me

From February 29 until June 6, meals arrived at my home every two weeks for five days after each chemo treatment. This was a tremendous blessing to my husband and I. On the first day, we would arrive home exhausted since my chemo infusions took most of the day. Within an hour someone would show up with a hot meal. During the following days, I was extremely sensitive to smells and the smell of food actually cooking for an extended period was too much for me.

Shortly after my chemo treatments ended, I had a chance to return the favor. One of the women who had delivered food to me had undergone surgery and now she needed our help. When a sign-up list was emailed to me, I signed up for Friday and sent it off. A little while later, the organizer called me to tell me someone else had signed up for that time slot first. She told me no one had signed up for Sunday. Could I do Sunday? Of course I could!

On Sunday, I delivered a meal as promised. Her daughter greeted me at the door. "My mom has been having a very difficult day. She's been having a lot of pain and she's feeling pretty low." By this time, her mom had heard my voice and asked her daughter to tell me to wait. Despite her pain, she really wanted to see me. We had a good visit and prayer before I left. Her daughter walked me to the door and hugged me. "Mom seems so much better now. Her spirits seem to have lifted and she just seems better. Thank you for coming. She needed this." I left rejoicing that I had been able to bless someone who blessed me. That was the end of the story; or so I thought until today.

This morning, about four months later, I learned there was a part of the story I did not know about. Today, after service, I noticed my friend had come up for prayer. After I finished praying with someone else, I approached her just to say hello as she normally goes to the Saturday service. As we were talking, she began to cry. Her daughter had been in a serious accident last week. She escaped with minor injuries but it had really shaken up my friend. She was facing additional stress at her job as well as personal life. She suddenly began to cry and we had a wonderful prayer together. Then she told me what really happened the day I visited her last summer.

She'd been having a very rough day and was feeling very depressed. She hadn't been able to get out for church for two weeks. She had listened to the podcasts but she missed just being there with other believers. As she cried out to the Lord in regards to her loneliness and pain, the doorbell rang. She wondered who it could be. It was near dinnertime but she'd been told there were only meals coming through Saturday. The organizer had neglected to tell her I was going to come on Sunday.

Seeing me there, after I had been so sick, served to remind her that God had not forgotten her. She was not alone and God was still the LORD God our healer. As we talked and prayed, she felt the depression lift as the joy of the Lord filled her heart. She felt strength flowing through her body. God was taking care of her and he graciously allowed me to play a part in it.

I am not writing this to boast by any means. I only want us to understand that any act we do in the name of the Lord, regardless of how simple it seems, is much more important than we realize. So often we focus on doing only the big things for God. While there is nothing wrong with big things, we cannot afford to neglect the small things. In many ways the small things impact our world more than the big things. While the big things may reach more people all at once, the small things are on a much more personal level and therefore, in many ways they have more of an impact on an individual basis. We must not forget the small things. They are far more important than what you might think! :heart:

Matthew 25:34-40 (NKJV)

K :princess:

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

K, thanks for this. We have a small meal ministry at my small church. I have taken meals so many times . . . and have received a few as well. Some people won't accept meals (one reason being that there is no need to inconvenience everyone, we'll make do). And some don't think they have time to deliver meals.

But the meals ministry is far more than just delivering a meal.

Thanks for reminding us.



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