If We Truly Love Jesus

When I was a child, my mother was involved in Children's Ministries. I remember one particular story she used to share. An elderly woman is reading a book and she comes across a poem which goes something like this: If you truly love Jesus,
Then do not delay,
Share what you have,
With someone today.
The old woman has very little but then her eyes come to rest on something she possesses which she knows someone else would enjoy. She carefully wraps the gift and writes the poem on a card. She leaves the gift at the door of a neighbor who is also moved by both the gift and the poem. The neighbor also looks for something to share and so on. In the end, everyone who reads the poem discovers they do actually have something they can share with someone else and many people are blessed.

I am not suggesting that Christians focus solely on social needs. However, I do believe that Jesus did focus on both the physical needs of the people as well as the spiritual needs. We must do the same.

Our pastor recently concluded a series on Servanthood. While we are indeed Children of the King, being a Prince or Princess of God is different than being a prince or princess in this world. We are born to serve. Christ-Followers should be the first in line when it comes to serving others.

In these difficult times, we need to be reaching out more and more. My church just launched a car care program for single parents, the elderly and other people who have financial limitations. People with the know-how have volunteered their time and talent to help those who do not have the means to pay for car repairs.

We're involved in helping the world around us in other ways as well. I'm going to the Ronald McDonald House next Saturday to serve lunch to families whose children are undergoing cancer treatments. We provide volunteers for a program called Jesus Delivers which is a mobile kitchen which provides hot meals for homeless people. We donate clerical support and manpower to an inner-city ministry. We do an annual blood drive with the Red Cross and volunteer with an organization called Feed My Starving Children.
Since we believe in marriage, we believe we need to help people have healthy marriages so we have started a marriage mentor program. These are just a few ways in which we try to serve the community in which we live as well as one another.

Look for ways in which you can serve others. It doesn't have to be a big thing. It just needs to come from your heart. The grocery store where I shop has bags of food which you can purchase for local food shelves. They come in increments of $5.00 and $10.00. These are great because this is the wholesale price rather than retail price which means your donation is stretched farther than if you bought the items yourself. I can't do it every week but I try to throw a bag in my cart as often as possible. God has blessed me so I want to bless others!

Sometimes serving others is as simple as giving someone who looks tired a warm smile or a friendly hello. That might very well make a bigger difference in their life than what you can imagine.

So remember: C-17°|F1°If you truly love Jesus,
Then do not delay,
Share what you have,
With someone today!

K :princess:

James Clark @bereanjim ·

Greetings kreynolds,

It warms my heart when I hear of others with a servants heart. Serving is true ministry.

May God richly bless you,

Berean Jim

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

You bless me every time... Love the idea of buying bags of food to donate. I must tell our supermarket owner when I see him. Hugs, kbird

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