If You're Never In A Storm, You'll Never Walk On The Water

Earlier this morning, as I read a blog by Sean Kelly (@caleb2010), entitled Throwing Off Fear, this thought came to my mind.

If you never are in a storm... you will never walk on the water.

I believe this to be true and yet "the storm" is the very last place we want to be! Don't get me wrong. I don't like a storm anymore than the next person. Personally, I would prefer to sail on calm seas under bright, sunny skies surrounded by the little boats of family and friends where it is easy for me to pilot my own boat. This is what I'd prefer but God in His wisdom knows that there are lessons which can only be learned out on the wild high seas. Also, it is when I am out on those stormy seas that I truly recognize that Jesus must be my pilot... not me.

Sometimes, Jesus steps into my boat and directs it out into the storm because there is someone out there He is going to rescue and He wants me to witness what He is doing. Sometimes He even allows me the privilege to work along beside Him. :dance:

This is something I cannot do if I am sitting in the harbor, relaxing out on the deck soaking up the sunshine. Yet isn't that exactly where so many Christians want to be?

If you want to be where Jesus is, you must not be content to live where it is "comfortable". If you follow Him, He will lead you out out into the high seas for that is where He is, rescuing lost souls. Some furious storms erupt out there and you will get caught in some of them but always remember... you are with Jesus and He will not allow you to sink. In fact, you may even discover that with His help... you can walk on water.


K :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

And then...when you are guided back into the harbour, the blessings are even richer than they were the previous time!

Valarie Quick @secondrider ·

Good work! It's the same as the saying that a man who has never failed has never done anything. We say we would like all calm seas, all the time, but for me that would be boooooooring! Sometimes, my biggest problem is not the storm, nor even the walking. It's getting out of the boat! Thanks, kreynolds! secondrider


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