Ignoring The Little Signs

Almost two years I inherited a desk chair from my son. He was clearing out his house after his divorce and I needed a new chair for my desk. I tried it out and thought it would do the trick but within a few weeks I would discover that I was wrong. It was actually what is known as a stenographer's chair and though I spent a lot of time in one in my youth, I discovered there was a big difference between that chair and the one I had just acquired. One had remained comfortable throughout the years whereas this one was just plain uncomfortable. In fact, it has a tendency to throw me forward and I find myself needing tore-adjust it frequently. I told myself I really did not have the extra money to spend on a good desk chair at the moment and decided I could live with it. I was wrong. It just became worse and worse over time. Still, I ignored the warning signs that all was not well.

Within the first few weeks of bringing the chair home, I began to talk about getting a new one but I kept putting it off. I told myself that while it was uncomfortable, it was fine. Over the past couple of weeks, I noticed I was not merely uncomfortable sitting in that chair, it was a bit painful. Hmm... I didn't seem to have this problem when I sat in other chairs. Oh well. I obviously needed to get another chair and I would... someday.

On Sunday I got up out of that chair and discovered something was wrong. My body apparently was tired of dealing with my chair and all the "little signs" got together to form one great big sign that I could not ignore. I should have paid attention to the little signs.

My new chair is supposed to arrive on Friday. In the meantime, my old chair sits in a corner waiting to be disposed of and one of the kitchen chairs sits at my desk with a cushion across the seat. As for me, I am getting better but I think I would have fared a whole lot better if I had paid attention to the little signs.

We need to pay attention to the little signs in our lives and heed them.



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