In God's Time

One of the things I have learned over the years in my walk with the Lord is that God's ways are often not our ways and His time is definitely not always the same as our time. In fact, God is not restricted nor subjected to time whatsoever. He created it! We on the other hand, have these built-in chronometers. I found out how true this was last winter when mine was interrupted and had to undergo repairs. I lost my sense of time for about a week and when it came back, the few fragments of memory I retained were out of sync. Anyone who has experienced a loss of memory and by that I mean days, rather than just forgetting an event, knows it is a very strange feeling. We are definitely creatures bound by time.

One of the things which we must learn as Christians is that God does not follow our timetable. We envision how something must be done as well as how it must be done. We must be healed NOW! We must be delivered NOW! We must get that job, NOW! Everything must look exactly the way we want it to, NOW!

The truth of the matter is God will always do things His way, not our way and He does them how and when He sees fit. May we learn to trust Him to always do things... in His time.


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Always good thoughts to share! Time was, is, and ever more shall be His, and it is good to be reminded of that often...

God Bless,



Nice heads up, K! It's His creation, indeed! God bless you mightily! Dave

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