In The Midst Of The Lions

All he was doing was just trying to live a life pleasing to God. He was seeking God daily. He was honest and hardworking, a man of integrity. A man who had received honor. This was the man who was sentenced to death. Why? Because although he had served the king faithfully, he served God above all.

The king's heart was broken as he realized a trap had been laid for him. Daniel's enemies knew the king would never consent to his death so instead they stroked his ego. The idea of everyone praying to him and him alone for the next thirty days was appealing. The king took the bait and in doing so, unknowingly placed a death sentence upon the head of his most trusted adviser and servant.

He might have been king but the law was the law and could not be changed. Only divine intervention could save Daniel for in the ancient world, if the death sentence was executed and the person still lived, it was considered to be an act of God and they were set free.

If you read this account in the sixth chapter of Daniel, you will notice that God did not prevent Daniel from being thrown to the lions. There was no lightening from heaven, no legions of angels with fiery swords, no earthquakes and no one being struck down dead. Nothing prevented Daniel from being thrown to the lions. Nothing whatsoever.

This is where the story begins to change. See, often we focus on the events leading up to something. We would look at this story, get to this point and cry out, "Where were you, God?" If we stop here, it appears that God had abandoned Daniel. He was either unwilling or unable to help Daniel. We're stopping in the middle of the story. I am glad that God never stops in the middle of the story.

King Darius sealed the den and returns after a sleepless night. Had the God Daniel loved and served delivered him?

I'm going to stop there for it is a very familiar story. What I want us to think about is this. There are times in your life when you may feel like you are trapped in a deep pit surrounded by "lions". You are "sealed" in and there is no way out. You didn't fall into this pit on your own. You may have been cast in there by others and... they may even have been unwilling to do so but still... you are in a pit with lions.

Our natural response is to try to blame someone for us being in this predicament. We may blame others and perhaps even ourselves but eventually, whether we say it or not, we come to the point where we are about to blame God. "How could He?", "Why did He?" or "Where is He?" are questions which we have all asked or been tempted to ask at one time or another. This is when we must remember... even in the midst of the lions, He is there with us and He has shut the "lions" mouths.


K :princess:

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

[quote]This is when we must remember... even in the midst of the lions, [b]He is there with us and He has shut the "lions" mouths.[/b] [/quote]
This is SO encouraging! Thank you K :princess: !

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I'm glad it encouraged you :princess: Enje25. Thanks for stopping by!


K :princess:

Grey Warner @day2day ·

Sometimes K I feel like I'm LIVING in the lions den... Daniel only had to stick it out for one night! :wink: ...There are so many with so many trials and pain and sadness .I'm sure there are many who would gladly trade "problems" with me...I then feel guilty for complaining. PTL He never leads anywhere that He is not there matter how long the stay. :butterfly:

Grey Warner @day2day ·

This song dates me...but I love it! The Imperials...

Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

Woww !! Very well explained blog dear K :princess:

May God open our eyes to see it. While people around us are complaining about a thousand-and-one things, we will have no complaints whatsoever - because we have taken the way of escape, of humbling ourselves.

Love Tina :flower:

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