Into The Battle

Last summer, while watching the movieThe War Room at the local theater,I remember suddenly starting and sitting up straight. An elderly widow known as "Miss Clara" was showing her real estate estate agent, Elizabeth, what she considered to be the most important room in her house. It was a closet which Miss Clara called her War Room. This was where she spent her time in prayer, away from distractions and on the wall were lists of the names of various people and prayer requests which she kept before her.

The reason I was startled is because I realized that like Elizabeth, I too had stood in a "War Room" before only that war room was not in a closet. It was in the corner of my friend Beth M (@blest)'s basement. Like Miss Clara's War Room wall, my friend Beth has sticky notes as well posted above her desk that contain names and various prayer requests. The first time I ever saw Beth's "War Room", which was in 2009, I discovered my name was on her wall and I am so thankful it is.

There are many people who say they will pray for you and they have the best of intentions that they will follow through with it but all too often they either pray for you one or two times or they forget altogether. Life gets busy, they get distracted, other crisises arrive in their own lives and so forth. Then there are people like my friend Beth who is a true prayer warrior. She goes before the throne of God and diligently intercedes on your behalf. When I was lying in ICU in December 2009, unable to retain my short-term memory or even really interact with the world around me, she would type her prayers and email them to me. I of course could not read them at the time and she knew that but she also trusted that someday I would and I did so a few days before Christmas that year.

Throughout the years, I have felt the effects of her prayers. I have truly suddenly detected that something changed and I felt a strength and peace that I knew I did not have. Someone was praying for me.

I am very thankful that my name is up on Beth's wall. However, it also challenges me to be more diligent about praying for others as well. We are instructed to pray for one another, are we doing it?



Beth M @blest ·

Oh,wow,that one made me cry. I most definitely have not been a true prayer warrior lately. But, I can now pray more than monosyllabic cries, or just "Father" as was the case after Kirk's death. I can pray somewhat more coherently now, but certainly I have a long way to go to get back...

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

I believe you are talking about me, Kathy!