Is Your Love For God Unconditional?

In Christianity we talk a great deal about the unconditional love of God. What joy we have when we grasp the idea of God's unconditional love for us! He loves us in spite of ourselves. He loved us while we were yet sinners. He wasn't pleased by our actions and indeed, we grieved Him immeasurably but still, He loved us and He loves us still.

Earlier today, I was thinking about my love toward God. Is my love unconditional, like the love God has for me or is it conditional? It is easy to love God when life is running along smoothly. It is easy to love God when your marriage is doing well, when you are prospering financially, when you feel great, when everyone in your family is getting along or when you are doing well at work.

What about when your world seems to be falling apart? Do you still sing His praises? What if God's response to your prayer is "wait" or even... "no"? Are you willing to abide by what He has told you and trust Him regardless or will you shake your fist at Him instead?

God loves us unconditionally, do we?


K :princess:


May we love Him unconditionally, regardless of the situation!-I agree with you Sister K-really truelly love Him! Thank you for sharing this positive, encouraging message and God Bless you richly! Dave

Valerie Dapice @followhimfaithfully ·

Even in the darkest hours, if we truly look, we can see God all around us surrounding us with His grace. It is so easy to praise the Lord when things are going well but we must remember to praise Him in all circumstances! Worship Him! Praise Him always! For He is Good!

When we are at our lowest point, sometimes the only place we can look is up! He does some of His greatest work in us when we are broken.

James 1:2 is one of my favorites!

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