It Is Good To Chat With Friends

Early this morning, I caught up with a friend here in chat. She'd been out of town for a bit. I'd known she'd be gone but oh... it was so good to "see" her and catch up on some stuff.

Last night in chat, I bumped into a friend who had not been on for awhile. We've both been going through some rough patches but it was so good to be able to share with one another and reach out through cyberspace to give one another a hug and pray. Oh, and then we were able to laugh together. Another friend was there as well and it was good to fellowship with one another.

While I was having my early morning chat, she caught up with me and my friend and we had a nice long chat. One had to leave but what was this? Someone else came through the chatroom door. Then... there was someone else! People came and went but laughter filled the chatroom. The laughter of friends sharing their struggles and their victories. The laughter of friends doing life together as they do life with God.

We had to finally all go our separate ways. I slipped out of chat and listened for a moment to the salsa music fading in the distance. :dance:
Suddenly, what was this? Did I hear an Irish jig? Frantically, I tried to wave down another friend but she was too quick for me. I hollered out at her and waited but...sigh... I needed to head off for a bit anyway.

When I returned I discovered she'd received my message but it was too late. I was gone. I smiled as I read her words. We'd missed one another now but we'll catch up with one another later.

I opened up an email from a friend who had written back a response to one of mine and chuckled as I fired a message back. Whether it be in person or in cyberspace via email or chat, I am thinking it is so good to chat with friends. Have you chatted today with the best friend of all, Jesus Christ?


K :princess:

Eileen Algaze @ladyvogue ·

It was awesome to catch up with you this morning... haha... we must get to dancing the salsa... I havent stoped dancing all day... and boy did that music stop alright. Im so glad you were there. I feel like God equipped me with wonderful people in CB for times like these. I love you K:princess: :)

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

well i remember when i use to be "chatty like that geko" lol these days i try to leave messages of encouragement on the wall and thru comments on blogs. i pray that everyone have a blessed day and help me celebrate my upcoming 50th birthday and mrs vet's home coming. be blessed

Beth M @blest ·

:) Ah, your blog brought back sweet memories! Note to self: really, you need to get to chat! Thanks, K! blessings, blest