It Was In The Garden

There was a place where Adam and Eve were confronted with a choice. It was in the garden.

Though all the world was at their feet, they desired that which was not theirs to have. They were content to be king and queen of this world until they were tempted to be something more and be as God. Reaching for what they could not reach, crying out "Not Thy will but mine!", they fell and took this world and all of their descendants with them. Their cry has echoed from one generation to the next next.

There was a place where Jesus was confront with a choice. Though all the world was at His feet, He gave up what was rightfully His. He would set aside His crown and exchange it for a cross, crying out, "Not my will, but Thine!" It was in the garden.

Through His death, through His sacrifice, through His resurrection, redemption came. It was in the garden.


K :princess:

Dwight Alight Davis @justalight ·

As I go through these dark and lonely days all I have to do is ponder on the love of Jesus and I can't help but be encouraged. I promise K that one day I will be happy again and you will see it in my comments and blogs. Please bare with me.


Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·
😉 I just [b]knew[/b] that gardens were important!

In the garden, God speaks. The key issue is whether we listen. I think that sometimes I leave my ears on the pillow when I get up in the morning.

Grey Warner @day2day ·

Very neat analogy!!! Two totally different outcomes! :butterfly: