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It is no secret here at CB that I, K :princess:, dearly love to wander. Even during chemo I managed to creep downstairs one fine spring day and "escape" for a bit. I ended up only going 25 miles before I turned back but that was further than anyone thought I'd be able to go. I must confess that if my husband would have been home, I wouldn't have gotten that far but since he was safely at work... er... I mean busy at work, there was no one to stop me. Yes, I did let him know what I was doing... I called him right before I was about to turn for home.

I come by my wandering spirit rightfully. The blood of the Vikings flows through my veins. My 96 year-old maternal grandmother whose grandparents came from Denmark, went on her last road trip a few weeks before she passed away. She was a good traveler as well as all of her sisters. She passed this love of the road onto my mother. I never know where she may end up, LOL! My mother of course, passed wandering feet onto me as well. Personally, I am convinced that I will spend eternity doing what I love to do so well... exploring.

Over the past few days, I've had the opportunity to travel in a part of the United States I've never been in before. I've been traveling in Connecticut, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Tomorrow evening, I will be heading for Boston, Massachusetts. Traveling through the mountains is a real treat for me. In Minnesota we have bluffs and there are a few small mountains just over 2,000 feet but for the most part, well let's just say Minnesota is not exactly known for its mountains.

After traveling nearly halfway across the United States, I am once again convinced that despite all of its faults, the world God created for us is still a wonderful and amazing place! We need to take the time to stop and "smell the roses" from time to time. When we do, you cannot help but hear the earth declare the glory of the Creator and... you will do the same.


K :princess:


That part of the USA is pretty! May the Lord continue to Bless this trip and those also involved ! God Bless you richly, Sister K! A Brother in Him! Dave

Shirley Hooper @mumbly ·

What a lovely blog,K. It brought joy to my heart... ..thank you.

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