It's Better To Be Wandering In The Desert With God

I've been listening to my oldies all afternoon and making a lot of racket in the process. :mrgreen: Oh well.
I was listening to a song "So You Want To Go Back To Egypt" which is a humorous look at the Children of Israel wandering in the desert. At least it's humorous on the surface but underneath it all there is a glaring truth. God delivers us, protects us, lights our path, provides all of our needs and...we complain. "I wish God would...Why doesn't God...I don't like how God provided for me. He should have..." Then we even sometimes have the audacity to look back at what He delivered us from and say, "I was better off back there!"

What are we thinking? Do we really believe living in bondage is better than walking in freedom with Jesus? The older I get, the more I realize every single person in this world is going to cross some desert at least once in their lives. Sometimes it's physical challenges such as money or health. Other times it is emotional challenges such as relationships or it can be a spiritual challenge. No matter what you do, it is impossible for you to never have to walk through a "desert" in this life. Accept it. That's just the way it is.

However, God is in the desert. He's the cloud which protects us from the dangerous heat. He's the fire which lights our way, guides us and protects us from the cold and danger of the night. He provides us with bread and water in a dry, thirsty and barren land and He's the one who will bring us safely home.

It truly is better to be wandering in the desert with God than living in bondage in Egypt without Him!

K :princess: