I've Just Gotta Tell Ya What Jesus Did For Me!

I just gotta tell ya, what Jesus did for me...
Those were the beginning words to a children's song on a tape my son and I would listen to back in the 80's as we drove back and forth to the preschool where I taught when he was a preschooler.

I suppose that over the past two and a half years, a number of people here at CB have probably grown tired of reading about the health issues I've battled most of the time I've been a blogger here. They've read about how I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months after I joined CB. They may have read my "treatment blogs" which were written from December 2007-August 2008 during which time I had a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. They may have read about the fears of recurrence in December 2008 when microcalcifications were detected. They later proved to be benign. :dance:

They have read about the times fear threatened to overwhelm me and they have read about how God turns the darkness into light regardless of my circumstances. They were here when I had an aneurysm rupture in my brain last December and I had a subarchanoid hemorrhage (SAH) and suffered a stroke. My husband called our friends Blessings2you and Blest . B2Y alerted the CB community who prayed for me. My chances of surviving that were not great and surviving with no permanent brain damage and returning to work as a teacher six weeks later is something which is almost unheard of. Only 1-2% of the survivors can do so.

Yes, I suppose many are weary of reading about this stuff and wish I would stop writing about it. I've thought about this a lot over the past week and I've come to this conclusion. I am very sorry if people are tired of reading about it but I am not going to stop declaring what God has done and what He continues to do in my life in regards to living as a cancer and SAH survivor.

We need to remember that while around 80 or so members typically visit CB every day, we have many more visitors who are non-members. Many of them have arrived as a result of stumbling across our blogs while searching for something. For these people a blog I've written dealing with cancer is the very first one they have read of mine on that topic. It might have been written two years ago or it might have been written yesterday but they have not read all the others in between.

Who are you writing your blogs for? Are you writing them for just the CB community or are you writing them for the world-at-large? That is a question I believe every serious blogger needs to ask themselves. Who is your audience? While I absolutely love to have my friends stop by and comment (for I value their thoughts and opinions), I have to say that I do not simply blog for the CB community. I also blog for the world-at-large. This has been brought to my attention on more than one occasion when I have been contacted by a new member wanting to be on my friends list so they could send me a message... they wanted me to know they needed to read that blog about cancer and they join so they could tell me they were blessed.

A lot of people who are in cancer treatment or have had ruptured aneurysms, strokes, etc are often homebound. They are unable to get out much. Many times they are cut off from their church or other Christian fellowship. Often times they cannot talk to their families because either they do want their families to know they are struggling or their family doesn't want to hear that they are struggling! They want everything to be fine and it is not.

So I have made the decision to continue to blog about an issue very near and dear to my heart, helping those who battle chronic/life-threatening illnesses (and their caregivers) understand that God has not forsaken them. He loves them and He cares for them. Although the road may seem very dark and often lonely, God WILL turn their darkness into light and the darkness will NEVER quench the light and I've just gotta tell ya what Jesus did for me ... and what He can do for you!


K :princess:

I have had the

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Sister k, it is sad that many did not fully understand what you went through and of course got tired of what you seemed to repeat time and again. Only one who has suffered greatly and has been spared one's life can only understand how grateful and thankful you must have been to want to tell the story to everyone who comes your way.:flower:

I also agree that we should blog for not only those here which is only a small number of 80 persons daily, but for the world at large who would read our blog for the first time from outside the blogsite.

I only think you should stand by what you believe is right and what you believe the Lord would have you to do. All other's opinions are theirs alone and they are free to have their own opinions. This is a free world , right? [img]http://www.freesmileys.org/emoticons/emoticon-object-088.gif[/img]

Blessings always

From Hwa [img]http://www.thesmilies.com/smilies/office/fountainpen.gif[/img] Silverpen

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

I am so thankful to hear that you will continue to share of the miracles the Lord has done for you. But, I am even more thankful to hear that you will not stop sharing the struggles you have gone through as you deal with life's curve balls. We all need to hear how someone else handles adversity so as to better handle it ourselves.

I know you have faced some difficult situations not only in your own life, but in others criticizing you for sharing, but I am filled with joy that you intend to keep sharing from your heart for who knows who about what only the Holy Spirit knows what.


Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Dear TT

I rejoice at the optomism and integrity of your blogs. They have given me understanding where there was ignorance and a desire to serve when I was struggling. We came into suffering through different doors but God has led us along his narrow path together. I rejoice with you in his faithfulness and I praise him for your friendship and love. The only time you should stop blogging your story is when God says so. Right?


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

[quote] The only time you should stop blogging your story is when God says so. Right? [/quote] RIGHT!

It has been a joy to do life together with you, Kbird as we both do life with God!

Blessings, TT!

K :princess:

D Kelley @lineman ·

Hi K,

Sharing things that happen to you are things people cannot in truth say didn't happen because no one really knows what has happened to you except you. If God has blessed you TELL THE WORLD!!!!

The story found in Mark 5 of the "wild" man who was living in the caves and Jesus came, healed him and then told him to [b]"Go home to your family and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you."[/b] is a story for all of us. We are to share with the world what God has done for [b][u]us[/u][/b]. We can tell what the Lord has done for others, but what has happened to US comes through so much stronger.

[quote=kindtenderheart wrote]Something you can do today to get your mind off your troubles is make a list of all the signs that God loves you.[/quote]One very little thing I immediately thought about was years ago when I first received my license plates for both my pickup and car after moving to this state was that the Lord still loved me because both plates started with "1PC". I love using my computer to praise the Lord and to try and be a blessing to others and now I have "1PC" on my plates. Such a little thing I know, but I truly believe that God cares about us so much He even cares about the little things in our lives. What an AWESOME God we serve!!!

[quote=Ron wrote]When each of us signed on to be a child of God, we also, by default, signed on to be a servant of God.[/quote]Ron is right. We are His servants, but the great thing is that He calls us FRIENDS!

You have a Friend that you want to talk about and He is your Friend because you can see that He has blessed you in so many ways. Why would anyone (other than His enemy ) want you to stop talking about Him that way? K, you keep telling the world about your Friend and He will keep doing what He has been doing for you even before you started noticing.



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