Jesus Has Conquered!

My God is stronger than the grave
My God will prove Himself again
I believe, You have conquered
My God is greater than my fear
My God will take away our tears
I believe, You have conquered.
--From the song
"You Have Conquered"
by Ryan Williams

I stood in church yesterday, arms stretched out with tears spilling down my face as I sang this song. Do we understand, really understand what it means to be snatched from the claws of death and discover that you are alive? I do!

I cannot forget the darkness, the "nothingness" that surrounded me and then suddenly I became aware that God was there. I could feel His words like breath upon me, "I am with you." and He was... and He is.

Physical death is never very far away from the thoughts of both myself and the people I strive to minister to, the people who have faced or are facing cancer. It just isn't. Oh, it is not there every moment but you think about it more frequently than most people do. This is true of anyone who has faced a terminal illness or life-threatening permanent injury. We think about death more.

I am glad... so very glad that when death rears it's ugly head... I do not need to fear it and neither do any of us who are alive in Christ. Truly He has conquered! May we never forget that and rejoice to know that we are truly alive because of Jesus Christ.


K :princess:

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Indeed my God is greater than my fears, and my shadows too !! :wink:

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

Awesome blog K. This song is amazing too! In fact, it is quite possibly my fave worship ever.


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