Jesus, I Love Thee

We say that we love Jesus. Do we? We are willing to follow Him when it is convenient for us. Are we willing to following Him when it is inconvenient? We are willing to following Him when the path is easy and pleasant. Are we willing to follow Him when the path is rough and unpleasant? We are willing to follow Him when we are in the company of like-minded individuals. Are we willing to follow Him when it goes against the crowd, when we are ridiculed, when we are abandoned by others, when we are even threatened? Are we?

There are times in our life when it is not easy to follow Jesus. It is not convenient, the path has been rough for a long, long time and we feel like we are alone out there in the middle of an endless desert which seems to be silent except for the jeers of the enemy.

Do we love Him enough to follow Him anyway?


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John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

I pray that we all can remain strong to the end, with our eyes on Jesus.


Excellent blog sister. You have offered many simple questions each one of us need to meditate upon and answer for ourselves. Who ever among us who is not willing to follow Jesus where ever life takes us is in need of refreshing, of renewal. The Church, as a whole, is in desperate need of Revival. As our brother Phillip Jones (@asifbyfire) often says, "come Lord Jesus". His bride is in need of more of His presence in our lives. Blessings ~Hoyle

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