Jesus, Our Pilot

Jesus, Savior, pilot me
Over life's tempestuous sea;
Unknown waves before me roll,
Hiding rock and treacherous shoal.
Chart and compass come from Thee;
Jesus, Savior, pilot me.

--Edward Hopper

The way was dark and dangerous. Uncertainty lurked around every turn. There were dangerous currents and shifting sandbars to be maneuvered through in order to bring your ship safely into port. In order to do so, you need a pilot.

The pilot is an expert seaman who has first-hand knowledge of the route you are on. He understands and anticipates how the weather impacts the route, that the sandbar that was over there one day, may be over here another day or that water levels have risen or dropped and the course must be adjusted accordingly.

I am very thankful that Jesus is my pilot. Nothing ever catches Him off-guard. When I turn over the control of my little ship to Jesus, He will expertly and safely maneuver it through every danger and bring it safely into port or out to sea.

In the natural, the pilot will leave the ship once it docks or is out at sea but Jesus, our pilot, has promised that He will never leave us or forsake us. Our pilot is also our captain so that wherever we are, He is... and all is well.


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April Faint @randomapril ·

I love the imagery in this! Especially as boats were more common when Jesus was walking the earth. So glad He's my pilot :)

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Love this blog - and the video too! :clap:

God bless,


Steve Hurt @serveonlyhim ·

Words I live by.
Sense you know my work profession you'll understand.

Enjoyed the Video.


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