Jesus, Our Redeemer

In the book "No Compromise", Melody Green-Sievright ( the widow of the late Keith Green), writes about how she and her husband could accept the idea that Jesus was a great man/teacher and after dabbling in eastern religions were looking into the teaching of Jesus Christ. What they could not accept, however, was that Jesus was God incarnate and that God allowed Jesus to be crucified for the sake of our redemption. This is indeed something which defies human understanding but oh, what joy they experienced when they came to understand it was true!

Jesus is our Redeemer! He is God incarnate, He is the Son! He is the precious Lamb of God and the Messiah... the Holy One who laid down His life and sacrificed Himself for our redemption. We did not get what we deserved but instead God gave us what we did not deserve! What amazing love, what mercy and grace! We must never forget it.


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Billy Beard @billyb ·

Interesting about the Greens. Great song. "What amazing love, mercy and grace", amen!!


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