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An email today from a friend reminded me of an incident that occurred back in December 2009. I was lying in a hospital bed recovering from a ruptured brain aneurysm. Due to my injury I was pretty detached to what was going on around me. Except for a couple of isolated incidents, I had not initiated speech nor experienced emotions for over a week and in fact, remembered very little from moment to moment. My short term memory was working minimally at best.

As the clean up in my brain progressed, my short-term memory began to return but I still really did not feel any emotions in a normal manner. I was pretty much indifferent to everything around me. I wasn't a participant in life, I was a spectator in a dark corner in the back row.

It was right before Christmas when it happened. I was passively lying there with the world swirling around me when suddenly I became alert. I heard carolers in the hallway. Without a second thought, I rudely cried , no screamed out, "Can you please sing, 'Joy To The World?'" Receiving no answer, I was suddenly filled with terror that they had not heard me or were ignoring me. Suddenly I felt desperate and screamed out louder in an agonized voice, "PLEASE sing 'Joy To The World'"!

The head of a man popped through the doorway and seeing him, I pleaded once again. He flashed me a broad smile and motioned to his fellow carolers to step into the room. Surrounding me, they began to sing. Something happened in that moment. The singers were stunned and then delighted as a contralto voice joined in. With tears running down my face, I had "slipped in" and joined them in song.

I was lying in a hospital room with a damaged brain. I was waiting to be transferred to ICU yet again. I did not know what the futured held for me. I did not know when or if I was going to go home again. I only knew one thing and that was that God had refused to abandon us even though we were broken. He LOVED us so much that Jesus Christ came and died for us that we might be saved. God LOVES us! Us! How can we even dare to ever diminish His love?

As we neared the end of the song, the leader shouted out, "Don't stop singing!" and so we didn't. We sang and we sang and we sang. "Joy to the world, the Lord has come, let earth receive her King! Let every heart, prepare Him room. And Heaven and nature sing! And Heaven and nature sing! And Heaven and Heaven and nature sing!"

In this life, we are going to be faced with trouble and sorrows. We will experience things such as hardship, illness, disappointment and grief. However, despite all of these things, we can have joy. Why? Because we are loved by God.


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Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

[i]Joy Unspeakable[/i]! I've been thinking of that very phrase this week, K :princess: ! As a matter of fact it brought to mind the refrain from that wonderful hymn entitled "Joy Unspeakable" by Barney E. Warren. Praise the Lord for what He has done for you. This is a wonderful testimony that could never be told enough.

[center]It is joy unspeakable and full of glory,
Full of glory, full of glory:
It is joy unspeakable and full of glory,
Oh, the half has never yet been told.

[url=][/url] [/center]

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·


Another wonderful story of real life and God's amazing love for a princess of the cross and all of us. Let us receive His love with joy and for the whole earth to hear Christ Jesus is born and alive today!

In Him,

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Aww... :cry: :bearhug: :dance: ... I am sure they were delighted to sing for you, and they are probably still talking about it to this day! You know, you probably blessed those carol singers quite a bit with this princess-y request, methinks.
Your sharing this memory has really blessed me, anyway. Thank you!
God bless both of you!

Raymond Yuen @rwpyuen ·

GOD bless. We are loved. In Christ, Amen!

Nicole Karkowski @niki20 ·

I just read this and I want to share, with you that as I read it I could see it all almost clearly. I haven't written much yet. What I am writing is about what happened this year. But for the last four years I've been in and out of hospitals sick and having surgeries. You are RIGHT! God loves US! Every time I was scared or sad and had no idea what was going on He showed up for ME! He is with us everyday. Knowing that gets me through.
Be blessed! Niki

Beth M @blest ·

[quote]In this life, we are going to be faced with trouble and sorrows. We will experience things such as hardship, illness, disappointment and grief. However, despite all of these things, we can have joy. Why? Because we are loved by God.[/quote]
Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen... and Amen!

Amen. blessings, blest :heart:

Raymond Yuen @rwpyuen ·

Sharing about GOD's love, a great Youtube:

1 Best Videos of Encounter with Jesus, Angels, Healing, Heaven and Hell (Sid Roth with 12 people)

We are all loved in Christ.

In Christ love,



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