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My husband has made it a habit of checking in to Facebook when he goes to church. No, no, no! I don't mean he is checking out FB during the sermon. I mean that before the service he "checks-in" letting friends know, "This is where I am at the moment."

To tell you the truth, I'm much more "secretive" I suppose. I tend to not let people know where I am unless I think they have a good reason to know where I am like I got lost on my way to their house and need their help or I want them to come and join me. My husband is also one of those people who take pictures of food and posts them as well. I think he has a lot of kindred spirits. Oh well, to each his own.

Hmm... wanting people to come and join me. That actually is what happened today. A friend, halfway around the world from us was tossing and turning, unable to sleep. She finally gave up and did what so many people do when they can't sleep. She headed over to Facebook to see what her friends were doing and saying. That's when she saw my husband's post. He had just posted that he was at the first service at our church.

Surprisingly enough, thanks to modern technology, my friend has actually "attended" my church a few times. A few years ago, she could only access sermons a few days after they had been preached  but now there are four services livestreamed and some of our special events are as well so she can get the full experience. Well, not exactly full as she is not physically there sitting in the chair next to me but it is definitely the next best thing.

In fact, my friend has even met my pastor and his wife when he was in her neck of the woods a couple of years ago. That's interesting. She's my friend but the only time I have seen her is via Skype or Facetime. Yet she has met my pastor and his wife face to face, LOL! The world is becoming smaller and smaller.

When she saw my husband's post, she got an idea. Rather than continue to toss and turn, she would "join" us for the service. In her words she said, "It's funny, I was awake at stupid o'clock and was on FB and saw Dave check in to the first service, so I jumped out- found my charger and tuned in :)"

Even though I didn't know she was there, I am glad she was even if she did have to get up in a few hours to go to work. She certainly got more out of it than tossing and turning and um... wandering about on FB. :mrgreen:

In all honesty, I probably will not begin to check-in on Facebook, however, it did give me something to think about. Do we "check-in" and let people know who we are and what we are doing? More importantly, do "check-in" and let them know who God is, how they can find Him and what He is doing? 


K :princess:

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

Nice. He knows where His child will look into when she is not feeling sleepy.. His mesage and directions are already there for her. He loves His children. Seek and you will find Him.. it does not matter where u r searching for Him..

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Some really good thoughts here. Checking in with one another is not rocket science and neither is it the most difficult thing in the world to do, yet we neglect to do it. I love it when someone "checks in" with me. I also love it when I have checked in with someone and they tell me it made their day.
Shame I forget to check in with God more often.

Your friend at the other side of the world will use any excuse to avoid going to bed wont she?

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