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This morning, I read a blog entitled Are You Content by@blessings2you. I love the picture he used for the blog which is entitled, "Grace". One of my aunts had that picture hanging in her dining room when I was a little girl. It also happens to be the official Minnesota State Photograph.mrgreen.gif

As I read Kirk's blog, I thought about how it seems like many Christians want something else besides Christ. We rush past Him in our quest for "stuff". Many of us are like the people who flocked to Jesus because they wanted to see Him perform miracles or it was "fashionable" thing to do, until He said things like "Take up your cross and follow me."

We want Jesus and money. We want Jesus and success. We want Jesus and the perfect spouse. We want Jesus and perfect children. We want Jesus and "stuff". Why?

How foolish we are! Don't we understand that we do not need Jesus plus something else. We need Him! Don't we understand that even if we are wanderers in this world, stripped of everything, broken in health and evensuffering at the hands of others, if we have Christ... we have all we need.

When you have Jesus, what more can you possibly need?


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John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Brilliant - period.


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