Just One Of Those Days

The day started out innocently enough. Okay, it is true that I unwisely decided to do some exercise at 10:00 p.m. the night before and ended up feeling so "energized" that I was zooming about until 3:00 a.m and after four hours of sleep I was raring to go again but that is beside the point. My plan for the day was simple enough. I would gather up and make copies of some paperwork that I was supposed to fax to someone that day. I would take my papers, a check I needed to deposit and a box of clothes I was going to drop off at the Goodwill. It was simple. At least, it was supposed to be.

After breakfast I got distracted doing other things as usual. I finally started organizing my papers at about 10:00 a.m. Nowadays, this is a much more complex task for me. My brain doesn't like to have too many things thrown at it so I must do things in a slow, methodical manner. Very slow... sigh. What would have been a simple task two years ago, no longer is. Oh well, at least I can do it if I am not distracted and have a lot of time to concentrate.

So, I went over each document about 30 or 40 times, carefully writing a few notes down in the margins, more to keep me on track than to help the person who was going to be receiving the documents. After several hours, yes, several hours, I was finished. Granted, sometimes I was blankly staring at the paper in my hand wondering why I wanted it but the list I had made out the day before with the recipient helped keep me on track.

Carefully, I checked and re-checked each page and checked them off. Yes, they were all there. I had made copies of everything and I was good to go. Uh-oh... I glanced at the clock. It was lunchtime. As a diabetic I have learned that when it is lunchtime... it is lunchtime. I must eat then. Not a couple of hours later when I get done doing something but now. So, I had no choice in the matter. I had to have a bit of lunch.

There now. That was better! Oh, hmm... I remembered something else that needed to be done first and then I thought I should check my messages and then I decided that it was time for the mail so I needed to go get that... just in case there was something important in there. Nope, nothing important. Oh well.

I got out my documents and placed them on the box of clothing. I headed out to the garage, put the stuff in my car and uh-oh. I forgot the check. Sigh... it was back in the house again for me.

I decided to go to the bank first, then I would go send my fax, drop off the clothing and head home. This was simple enough, right?

I did my first errand and then headed over to send my fax. Now, I had done this hundreds of times before. I inserted my card, stacked the documents into the feed, dialed the fax number and... uh-oh. Something is wrong. I tried it again. It said the paper was jammed but no paper had even tried to go through. Now it was busy. Now there was a bad connection. Uh-oh.

"It must be the machine," I mumbled. I tried the other machine. The same thing happened. Seeing my plight an employee came over to try to help me. That was HIS first mistake, LOL! Things weren't going through properly. Then we kept getting a bad connection message.

Finally, he took it back behind the counter to try to send it via the heavy duty fax machine. Oh, that was worse and worse. Only five pages went through. It spit the rest out. He tried dividing it up. Nope, the fax machine did not like them at all. It was scanning them and appeared to be trying to transmit them but the other machine was not reading it.

Well, I didn't have the contact info so FedEx graciously let me access their computer free of charge. I found the email I got from the person but the attachment with his business card on it did not show up. Sigh...

I finally got the number of the company he worked for and dialed it thinking I might be able to get the number from an operator and promptly got stuck in a queue. If you've ever been stuck in a phone queue, you know what that means. Sigh...

After being on hold for about 15 minutes while FedEx continued to try to send my fax, I finally talked to a person who located the phone number for the person I was sending the faxes to. Uh-oh... he wasn't picking up the phone so I left him a voicemail with my cell number.

I was about to tell the FedEx guy that I'd just give up for now when my phone rang. It was the man I'd been trying to call. Yes, it was the correct fax number and yes, he did get the first five pages but nothing else. No, other faxes were coming through just fine... but not mine. Sigh...

Well, I got a street address from him and told him I'd overnight it to him. Only... it was 4:00 now and I'd have to go to the airport post office probably. Even then, they keep moving the cut-off time back so the documents might not arrive until Friday. Sigh...

I hung up the phone, told the FedEx guy I'd have to take the documents to the post office and hopefully, I would make the cut-off time. I'd been there for nearly two hours by now.

At this point, the employee stared at me and then grinned. "Uh Ma'am... you uh... realize that you are at FedEx and we do overnight delivery. You can just send it from here right now and they will get it tomorrow morning." DUH!!!!! I broke out laughing as did the other employees. GOOD GRIEF!!!!!

I filled out the airbill and prepared to pay my bill. As I told the guys behind the counter good-bye (we'd become good friends by now), one of them said, "Aw... you're leaving now? But we were going to put you on the payroll!"

We like to blame things on the enemy but sometimes, we just simply have one of those days. You know the ones when the simplest task suddenly becomes a monstrous problem. Everything is running along smoothly and then it suddenly gets derailed. Nothing is anyone's fault. It is just the twists and turns of life.

When we have "just one of those days", how will we respond? Will we get angry and frustrated or will we remember that our times are in His hands. Far too often, I must admit that I allow myself to get frustrated at the situation never remembering that God is the one who directs my path and perhaps the "delay" is for a reason.

Today everything could have gone as planned. I would have rushed into FedEx and rushed out again and gone about my business without a hitch. However, as I reflect upon the conversation and laughter I had with the employees while we tried to resolve my problem. Who knows? Perhaps I needed that, perhaps one of them did or perhaps all of us did. I only know that though I was delayed for a bit, I met some very nice people and we "did life together" for a moment in time. Maybe what we view as inconveniences and delays are merely... opportunities.


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I can remember saying as a young husband and father to my brood, when things went haywire, " I'd rather have a misadventure than no adventure at all." I still feel that way, but maybe just dialed down a bit. - bibleguy64

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