K Goes To Dairy Queen And Discovers An Effective Treatment For Colds

It is no secret that I, K :princess: have a vice. Yes, I have a vice. It is called...chocolate! I can hear some of my friends yelling in the background.

What's that? Okay. I have two vices. The other one is called ice cream.

"What's that Gracie? Yes, there is a third vice. I have three vices. The third one is Coke Zero.

No, Kbird, you cannot negotiate a book about my vices. You're supposed to be my friend. A motion picture shot in New Zealand? :eek:
No! I mean nothing against New Zealand by any means but we are not doing a motion picture about my vices.

B2Y, quit taking research notes! I am not going to be research material for a blog about vices. Alight, you've been taking pictures of me? :eek: No, don't give those pictures to B2Y or Kbird for that matter. Give them here! Can you help me get them Gracie, Blest, Poo, Bethy, AJ, M...anyone?

I'm trying to write a serious blog about the miracle treatment I've discovered for...the common head cold. No one is interested in hearing about my flaws. They're interested in learning about my big breakthrough in the area of treating colds. This is important stuff particularly for those of us who live in "arctic-like" climates.

Okay, so this miracle treatment involves my first two vices ummm not vices, I mean favorite foods. Chocolate and ice cream. I stumbled upon this treatment completely by accident. You see, I have a head cold which my husband, generous man that he is, gave to me. He had it last week and wanted me to share in the experience.

I was expecting him to work until 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning but he unexpectedly called me and told me the later gig got canceled. So, he asked me out on a date. It qualifies as a date! Let's see, he called me up and asked me if I wanted to go to Dairy Queen with him. He picked me up from my home. He took me to an eating establishment (DQ). He paid for my food. We went for a short drive. Okay, we took the scenic route home and...there was a sunset involved which we both commented on. It was a date!

I briefly considered getting a truffle blizzard. I'd had one on Saturday and it was wonderful but I'd eaten about an hour and a half earlier and settled on a chocolate dip cone instead. Mmmm...chocolate and ice cream. What more could a :princess: ask for.

After consuming my dip cone, I noticed something amazing. I could breathe! I mean, I had been breathing of course but only one lung seemed to be getting adequate air. Suddenly, both lungs were happy. Hooray! Alas...the effects seem to be temporary as they seem to wear off after several hours but...there is only one solution. I'll just have to take my medicine faithfully and consume dip cones on a regular basis until this headcold crisis is over in say...September or so! :princess:

K :princess: