Keep Looking Up

One of the members who attended a small group we are in is a snowboard instructor. A couple whose son is starting to try out snowboarding asked him for some tips. Here was his number one tip. Keep looking up.

I've heard this advice given before in regards to various athletic activities. Your body will follow your eyes. A few months ago, I tried an experiment to see if this was true. I attempted to walk in a straight line across the room to the door. I was fine for the first couple of steps but then depending on where I was looking, I would quickly veer off to either the right or left. In short, unless my eyes were on my goal, I failed miserably.

To tell you the truth, I needed this little reminder this evening. A "challenge" has been thrown in front of me and I have been finding it difficult to take my eyes off of the challenge and look up at God. No one ever said it would be easy. Well... some people will claim it is easy but I suspect that is only because they have never truly done so.

Tonight I learned that in addition to looking up, the successful snowboarder must bend their knees and tightly hold their body in place. Without extensive practice, this can cause excruciating pain. They must stay the course and be aware of and control all of their movements. They cannot allow themselves to be distracted. If they do not they can fall, be injured or even killed.

We can learn a lot from the snowboarder. Are we looking up at God or are we staring down at our own feet? Are we fixated on Him or are we looking to the right, left or even behind? Do we "practice" regularly so that we might develop the spiritual wisdom, strength and discipline to finish the course?

Keep looking up!


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