Keep Your Eyes On Me!

It was a cold December day in downtown Minneapolis. The historic State Theater was crammed full of children from schools from about a 75 mile radius. We had come to see the Nutcracker Suite. Most of my students live in families which are at or below the poverty line. They are not used to places like the State Theater. I watched their eyes widen with delight as they looked at the beautiful decorations in the carefully restored theater. Little hands reached out and carefully stroked the soft seats before sinking into them. We carefully prep them before attending so they thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

By the time we got ready to leave, the snow was really coming hard. Buses were lined up along the street for several blocks, waiting to whisk students back to their schools. Prior to coming to the theater, we had divided the students into small groups and a parent or teacher was in charge of each group of eight children. I had warned them it was important to stay with their group because it would be very crowded after the show. As we prepared to leave our seats, I reminded everyone to keep their eyes on me.

Eight little bodies pressed closely around me, pulling on me as I made my way through the crowd. I looked back now and then to make sure the other groups were following me. Our bus was down the street and around the corner. After turning the corner I glanced back and noticed, one group was missing. Oh no! I could do nothing at the moment except get the other kids safely on the bus.

As I approached our bus, more little hands reached out and grabbed me. They belonged to the missing children. They had found me again. Whew! But... where was the parent who was with them? Halfway down the street I saw her and she didn't look very happy.

"You were supposed to stay with me." She told the children. One of them spoke up and said, "But you weren't following our teacher. We're supposed to follow our teacher."

In the confusion of the crowd, the parent had lost sight of me and was leading the children in the wrong direction. She'd lost sight of me but the children had not. You see, they were used to following me.

Are we so used to following Jesus that we can see Him even when we are surrounded by "distractions" or can someone easily lead us off in a different direction?


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Kirk M @blessings2you ·

What a cool story. You should write a book full of these incredible and true examples of the principles of the Word in action. Very good point made and I am so glad to hear the kids trusted YOU as their teacher.


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