Keep Your Eyes On The Conductor!

Every Tuesday afternoon from 2:45-3:30, my students meet with a music therapist for a class which uses music to teach social skills to children. The curriculum is still being developed by one of our second grade teachers and another music therapist. This is the second year that all four second grade classrooms at my school are participating in the program.

Last week, one of our strings teachers came in to our classrooms and taught a lesson about conductors. He taught the children some rudiments of conducting as well as the role of the conductor. This week, the children had an opportunity to apply what they had learned as they took turns conducting what we call the drumming circle.

The children quickly learned that in order to keep the beat, they must keep their eyes on the conductor at all times. It was interesting how they seemed to think they could get by without doing that... at first. They were sure listening to it would be enough but they quickly found that if their eyes were not on the conductor, they would get distracted and not keep the beat.

Far too often, when it comes to God, we get careless about keeping our eyes on Him. We think we can look/listen to other things, we can follow the other Christians and we will be just fine. The problem is, it doesn't work that way. In order to say "on the beat", in order to sychronize our movements to the movements of Christ, we MUST keep our eyes on The Conductor. We must keep our eyes on Jesus Christ!


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