Knowing Who I Was, Christ Died For Me.

He looked down through the ages and saw her and millions like her. He saw the wickedness of her heart and He saw every single fault. Even though she was covered with mud and filth, not fit to be seen by Him, He loved her.

He knew full well what she was. He knew she didn't deserve His love. He knew that if He extended his love toward her, she would wound Him deeply time and time again. That didn't matter to Him for He loved her.

Oh, how He longed to reach out to her! He longed to pour out all of His love upon her. He longed to heal her wounds and transform her into the beautiful creature He knew she could be. He longed to remove all of her filth and dress her in fine garments. He longed to set a crown upon her head and transform her into His beloved princess! No one else could do this; except Him.

To save her and all who were like her...He would have to die for her. Would she recognize and embrace what He had done or would she reject His ultimate gift of love?

Some would... some wouldn't. Those who did would at times, revert back to their old ways, forgetting who they were and wound Him even more.

It didn't matter. Love won. Knowing who I was... knowing who we were, Christ died for us.


K :princess:

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

for a minute i didnt know if i wanted to"reach for a kleenx" or grab a piece of"chocolate cake with some "doves triple chocolate ice cream on the side..oh well i can make another trip to"sonics" and get a hot dog" lol be blessed and thank you

Robin Francis @findnrobin ·

True that! That is my story with Christ, until he heard my cry when I said show me that you love me God, and he did and I have been smitten every since! You have to know how much he loves so that you can love him back. His love is so amazing and overwelming. it is so awesome that it makes it hard to fully grasp it. Just think of the joy when we satnd face to face with no barriers between us. We will feel all that love and glory!!!!!! He loves me faults and all...


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