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There is nothing profound or "spiritual" about this blog. It is pure fluff and if you have never become acquainted with me through my blogs or chat, this you may have little interest in this blog. On the other hand this might spark your interest so who knows.

Those of you who have become acquainted with me during my 21+ months here at CB are probably aware that I am a second grade teacher. Currently I have 27 "cherubs" and seriously, they are a very tough little bunch.

One of the things I wish I could do is post a picture of my students but alas, I'm prohibited from showing their faces due to privacy laws unless I had parental consent and even that can get dicey. Then I got inspired as to how I could do the next best thing!

One of the stories we read in our anthology (which is an awful reading series by the way and I try to use it as little as possible) there is a story called Class Mural. It's about working together within your community but...I got another idea. I figured out a way to "show" my kids here at CB legally. :mrgreen:

Did you know CB amongst other things, is educational? Yes, it has K's seal of approval as an educational resource. This school year, with the help of Kbird (whose official username is Kiwibird) my students have learned about New Zealand. They can tell you New Zealand time is 17 hours ahead of Minnesota time. They can locate New Zealand on a map. They know that if they count back seven hours and add a day they will have the correct time and date for New Zealand. They know it is currently fall in New Zealand and they can tell you why the seasons are opposite Minnesota's seasons. They also know there are blue penguins in New Zealand and can tell you how Kbird rescued one. Hooray for Kbird! They loved that little story.

So, when I suggested a plan to make a mural so that Kbird and other friends could see them, they became very excited. I made an oval in the center of a piece of paper for each of them. That was their template for their heads. They drew in the details and added a bit of their body for a "portrait effect". Of course, some kid's completely ignored me and made teeny-tiny bodies to go with their giant head.

We cut out the portraits and glued them to a large sheet of blue paper. There are only 26 children because I've had a child who has been out. Then they figured out their background. A night sky with an apple tree, a fence and of course, they had to draw me in there as well once they realized I was missing

Finally, on a sad note...the kids were supposed to draw pictures of themselves...I have no blond girls in the classroom yet there are several in this picture, On a lighter note, no, I do not have a student with green skin nor a girls with pink hair.

I hope you enjoy this as much as the children enjoyed making it for the CB community.


K :princess:

Rhonda Jones @blackrose65 ·

aaaaawwwwww!x5m How adorable!

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

...and in the meantime kbird is wondering what the next subject should be and how to be creative about getting the info to K:princess:!


Kirk M @blessings2you ·

I like the one with the purple eyes. Is that you in far left corner? I thought the kids were supposed to be the ones in the corner not the teacher.

What a brilliant way to "skirt the law" and be able to provide for our wonderful Kbird a glimpse at her "adopted" class of 2nd graders.

Thanks for all the hard work and for sharing this with us.


Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Awwwwwwwwwwww they are so cute. Hmmm not sure i would want a pic of my sixth formers here though as this is where I escape too, to get away from them . But your lot, they are cute.

Phillip H Ruby @philruby ·

What a great class...and a great idea!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Oh, for those of you who are not from the U.S., second grade is the third year of school here. My students are seven and eight year olds.

Kbird and I have been doing a bit of brainstorming as to how I can bring a bit of New Zealand into my classroom next year via pictures, information and stories she shares with me. It's like she has adopted my classroom and they have started asking me if I've heard from her, what time is it in New Zealand now, what's the weather like, what other kinds of animals do they have there, how long would it take to "drive" there in my car, etc.

So I guess this is another unexpected "perk" of CB. Opening up the eyes of children to our world via CB!

K :princess:

Susan Cope @lilysvalley ·

I love it, that was a great idea and absolutely wonderful that you and kbird work together to teach your class new things.
Now, your 2 blondes that arent really blondes - look JUST like the older sister on "The Wild Thornberry's" - ever hear of it? Check it out its a disney cartoon.


Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

K, I just laughed and laughed at this post. Mostly because I'm a rebel at heart and I love finding ways to skirt the law legally. But also because of how creative you are and how God has gifted you. Thanks for sharing. By the way, have you ever read the "Yada Yada Prayer Group" series of Christian fiction books by Neta Jackson? You remind me much of the main character in that series. Good reading, light and fun, but Christian.



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