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It is no secret on this site that I, K :princess:, have a vice. I am a chocohol...... errr... I mean a chocolate connoisseur. Hey! I am NOT the only chocohol... I mean chocolate connoisseur on this website. There are a number others including our... well, suffice it to say that there is one very well-known member of this website who strongly suggested that I not wait until the next day to have my second truffle. I think he was hoping that I would then have no need of the third one and perhaps I would send it his way. Wishful thinking!
As if that would ever happen!

I was saddened earlier this summer when my favorite chocolatier moved to a new location in... Wisconsin! :cry: I have managed to make a pilgrimage there a few times but it is no longer convenient. I found another chocolatier who brought their goods to the farmer's market about 15 miles from me but the farmer's market is now closed for the season and their shop is a long, long ways away from me.

Today I went off on one of my little excursions. I don't know, I suppose I went about 75 miles or so when all was said and done but, I had only gone about 15 miles or so when I made an amazing discovery. I had come to a river town and was going to turn and go across the bridge but on an impulse, I felt moved to drive into town and there to my amazement, a sign caught my eye. A chocolate shop! A very promising-looking chocolate shop. A chocolate connoisseur such as myself does not frequent just any old chocolate shop! Why... that would be barbaric and a :princess: is NEVER barbaric, even if said :princess: does wield a rather large and sharp sword.

Of course, I had to investigate this chocolatier and find out if he or she was authentic. Oh joy! There were two, a husband and wife and they are the real thing! They were also having a sale! Normally they sell fudge for $15.00 a pound. Quality comes at a price, you know, but today... TODAY it was on sale for $12.00 a pound AND if you purchased a pound you got another half pound for free. Hmm... normally a pound and a half of fudge would cost $22.50. Today it would cost $12.00.

They gave me samples and of course I could purchase a variety. I finally settled on some penuche, rocky road, chocolate peanut butter, and a dark chocolate walnut and four Black Forest chocolate cherry truffles. Oh, and when they heard I had frequented Legacy Chocolates, they dared me to compare one of their dark chocolate truffles to one of his...on the house. They know him, of course. Now who could pass that up. I am a chocolate connoisseur, you know. They recognized immediately that I am an expert when it comes to tasting chocolate.

The shop became silent as I narrowed my eyes looking at the truffle the chocolatier was offering me. He held his breath as I reached for it, smelled it and carefully took a bite. He broke into a broad grin as he caught the expression of delight on my face. "Well?" he asked breathlessly. "This," I said dramatically, "this is even better than Legacy Chocolates!" Everyone laughed as I made my final purchase. I hated to leave but I WILL return!:wink:


K :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

You've heard of truffle hounds? Perfumiers? Wine wotsits? You have definitely joined the chocowotsits. Congratulations. I am impressed!


Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

ohhh dearest K.. suddenly my chocolate bar doesnt tastes as good as what u got! glad u found a closer store! makes my heart happy!
Happy birthday again lol

Lovee. Shani

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Ahemmm... the irony of all of this is today my husband took me for a drive into Wisconsin to the town where my previous chocolatier moved to and took me to his shop. We stepped inside and he told the woman at the counter to box up a dozen truffles of my choosing.

Now granted, I did have some of that wonderful fudge in the fridge along with four truffles but... what is a :princess: to do?

I did what any self-respecting :princess: would do. I marched right up to that counter and selected 12 truffles. Well, they needed a good home you know. I couldn't just leave them there could I? We all know that I provide excellent care for truffles. So, now I have 16 truffles instead of four plus about 1 1/4 pounds of fudge (I had help earlier with the fudge). I guess this means I can share!


K :princess:


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