Learning To Fly Like An Eagle

"There he is!" I screamed as my husband was right in the middle of a right turn. I must have scared him to death as he abruptly slammed on the brakes. Apparently he thought I was talking about some semi truck that was about to run through the intersection or something. His frustration at me vanished quickly though as he followed the direction of my finger and why I was screaming. A magnificent bald eagle was circling in the sky ahead of us.

"See! I told you I've been seeing an eagle around here since last spring!" I said triumphantly. "You didn't believe me, but there it is! Hah!"

All he could do was shake his head and admit I was right. He had no choice as that was very clearly a bald eagle. There was no traffic behind us so we watched the eagle for a few more moments before heading home. He shouldn't have been surprised. Minnesota has one of the largest populations of eagles in the lower 48 states. Okay, so we don't have mountains but we have something else which the eagles love. We have 10,000 plus lakes that are filled with fish. What eagle wouldn't want to stop in Minnesota for at least a snack?

Seriously, over the past couple of days I've been thinking about that eagle. School begins next week so that means I have a lot to do but the time to do it in gets shorter every year. In one big swoop I go from lounging about at will to putting in a 10-12 hour workday. Whew! There is also the anxiety which goes along with having a brand-new class and having to train them all over again. Students aren't the only ones stressed on the first day of school which is on September 1 for me this year. :eek:

I went from sitting in a four hour meeting this morning to moving heavy furniture which was put back wrong and sorting through boxes of things packed away over the summer, getting my computers running, setting up my document camera, and moving books to the "new" (old) bookcases I acquired from a special education teacher who was being moved into a "closet" and had no room for them.

Needless to say, I am very, very tired... and the week has only begun. More meetings and more unpacking and planning tomorrow.
Have you ever felt like that, physically and spiritually? I'm sure you have.

But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31 (NLT)
I've read that bald eagles have been known to fly as high as 10,000 feet. They can reach speeds of 75 mph (120 km) when soaring. The bald eagle uses thermals, rising columns of hot air to lift them high into the sky. Then instead of fighting against air currents, the eagle uses them. They fly into the air current, relaxes and floats on it. This enables the eagle to save energy as it can glide for hours on the wind.

Sometimes I think we try too hard. We fight battles we don't need to be fighting. When turbulence comes, perhaps we need to stretch out our wings, relax and allow God to help us glide on the "wind" and we need to remember that even the wind and waves obey Him.


K :princess: