Learning To Work As A Team--Another Lesson From Roller Coaster Building

Each summer I am faced with a challenge. I have to take 14-22 elementary school-aged children who probably don't know each other and get them to work like a well-oiled machine. I have to do this in less than a week. At the end of the week they will have produced three working amusement park rides which are about three feet tall and two working roller coasters which are six feet and eight feet long respectively. They work together for about seven hours a day. The completion of each project depends on everyone working together as a team.

As Christians, we have to do the same thing. Often we view our Christian walk as being an individual activity. It is to some extent, however, God does not desire us to walk alone. He really doesn't. If you question that statement you need to ask yourself why God designed us to be social beings. Yes, there are those few who really do like to be alone. Most of us like that occasionally up to a certain point. However, most people who claim to be loners really say that because they have gradually become intimidated when they are in social situations. Nearly all children seek companionship and that's because it is a part of our nature. God did not intend for us to be on our own all of the time.
We can't allow this to happen! This means we have to actively seek out others and learn to work together.

As Followers of Christ, we must never forget we are on the same team. We may be doing different jobs. We may be working in different areas. However, we are on the same team.
In order to work together we must act like we are on the same team and support one another.

Team Leaders
When I begin a building project with children, I appoint a team leader or project manager. Prior to doing this, I find out how much experience a child has had building with K'NeX. I certainly do not want to put a child with no experience in charge unless no one has any experience of course! I selected the person who has the most experience to be in charge. This person is responsible for assigning sections to the people on their team. They have to keep track of who is doing what. They have to make sure all of the sections are properly labeled and double-check each section for accuracy.

Our head or leader is Jesus. However, he has placed spiritual leaders over us. These leaders aren't infallible but we do need to pray for them, be respectful and prayerfully consider their counsel. If they are in error and God tells you to place yourself under a different leader, then do it but you don't have to entertain a rebellious spirit when you do so.

Do Your Own Job
Everyone is assigned a job. They each have assigned sections to build. Sometimes the kids get into trouble because they try to build someone else's section instead of their own. Sometimes they get so busy telling someone else how to build their section that their section doesn't even get built.

We do the same thing as Christians. Sometimes we want to do someone else's job and we end up neglecting our own. Sometimes we try to do everything and don't let anyone else have the opportunity to serve. That's not being part of a team. Sometimes we sort of poke our nose where it shouldn't be and start bossing people around. That's not being a team player either and it is an excellent way to stir up trouble and division. We have an enemy who desires to do that. We certainly don't need our brothers and sisters in Christ doing the enemy's job!

Don't Be A Sluggard
Every once in a while someone doesn't want to their job or any one else's job. They just want to sit back and watch everyone else do all of the work. Then, when the project is finished, they're the first one to try to take credit for it. We need to pull our own weight in laboring for God. To put it bluntly, no one likes a sluggard and neither does God!

Every Job Is Important
Every job is vital to completing the project. Building the loop on the roller coasters is just as important as building the figure eight or the incline correctly. Each piece is there for a reason and needs to be fitted into place by someone in order for the roller coaster to run properly.

Within the Body of Christ, we all have different functions. Each of these functions are critical. God does not give you busywork. He doesn't operate that way. He has a purpose for everything and he chose you to do specific jobs for a reason. If he wanted someone else to do the job, he would have chosen someone else to do it. We need to remember that and do what God has placed in our hands to do.

Help And Encourage One Another
Sometimes we do require help from someone else. We always need to stand with our hands extended towards each other with words of encouragement on our lips. Brothers and sisters in Christ are not our enemies. We need to raise each other up, not tear each other down.

We're All In This Together

As followers of Christ, we are all on God's Team. That means we must work together and we must never forget who we are.

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Kirk M @blessings2you ·

EXCELLENT principles!!!!

If these simple principles were applied not only among Christians but in work places we would be soooo much more productive and so much of the tension and stress would be removed. Having studied and taught leadership principles for many years I see that the keys to success in your mission are sound and the results speak for themselves.

I look forward to reading about all this whenever the day comes your incredible work is documented and presented for all to see. Keep doing what you are doing for it is so incredibly right on. Thank you for sharing this for it really had blessed my life and inspired me.

Blessings 2 You

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

There is no such thing as a small job, only small minded people. An architect receives all the credit for the finished building but the ones who laid the foundation are just as important.


Melissa Horrocks @jesusmymainman ·

It is strange because I have just finnished reading a blog about fellowshipping with others. Yes as Christians we need to work together and help each other in the building of the Church. We may not always get it right, but as long as we are working in a team then that is what matters. God will help us to work as a team because it is God's will that the Church functions as a normal body. God wants each part of His Church to work together in unity. I really enjoyed reading your blog keep up the hard work. God bless you xxx


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