Let God Do The Talking...

Far too often, we hurt each other. Often, it's not intentional. Sometimes, however, it is done maliciously. So much damage has been done because brothers and sisters in Christ get their feelings hurt, hold grudges or just don't get along in general.:logineye: As I am writing these words, I am cringing because I know that I have to plead guilty to this as well.

Far too often I would feel justified (or convince myself that I was justified) in feeling hurt or angry. The other person was wrong. They shouldn't have done that. While this might have been true some of the time, I've learned that what someone else did or did not do to me is not the issue. That's their "story". When it came to me, God was interested in my "story". He was far more interested in what I did or did not do!

So, I changed my tactics. I would decide to "pray for them." While this might sound fine on the surface, I have to confess that my motives weren't always as pure as they should have been. My prayers for them would sometimes turn into a self-righteous tirade about why God needed to "fix" that person. This isn't a good state to be in either.

Maybe, I needed to take a different approach. Maybe instead of talking about it to God all of the time, I needed to truly let him take charge of the situation. How was I going to do that? The answer was simple. Ask (and let):surrender: God do the talking!

Oh, oh. As soon as I got this idea through my thick head, I realized God wasn't finished talking to me yet. If I was going to ask him to talk to someone else, I had to be willing to let him talk to me as well and...I had to listen

An interesting thing happened when I started asking God to talk to me first. My perspective changed. I started seeing things from God's point of view. That made it easier for me to think the best of people rather than the worst. It made me much more willing to seek out and/or give forgiveness...even before it
was asked for. That's how God forgives us, you know.

When I starting asking God to then talk to others before I did, I noticed that situations worked out with unbelievable smoothness. Misunderstandings were quickly corrected. Apologies readily came forth. Relationships were strengthened rather than weakened and broken. In short, everyone benefits and God rightfully gets the glory when we let God do the talking:heart: