Let It Go!

I have a confession to make. Actually, this is no secret to those who know me well. When I am faced with a dilema, I have a tendency to seize it and lock on to it like a pit bull, shaking it about until I have conquered it or sometimes until it has finally conquered me. I do not give up very easily and while persistence can be a good thing sometimes it is not. Take last night for example. I got a new iPhone.

This was supposed to be a simple thing. For once, I had actually done the right thing and things were already backed up on my iCloud and I was told that while I might have to enter in a few passwords once again, everything seemed to be there. The man at the store actually let me see things for myself. There were my contacts, there were my apps, there were my recent emails and there was even the little icon I have for CB. I logged in flawlessly. After a test call, I left, happy as a clam that all was well in my world. Well, my iPhone world at least.

When I got home I was pleased to see that my iPhone, iPad and Mac Mini were getting acquainted and seemed to like one another. Good! I tried a couple of other test calls and they showed up on my computer as well as my iPhone. Good! That way I don't have to run for my iPhone to answer a call if I am working on a blog and it is somewhere else like in the bottom of my purse or on the charger in my bedroom. Technology can be a wonderful thing or... it can be a curse as I was soon to find out.

Late last night I discovered that things were not quite as seamless as I had thought. It had started out with a seemingly innocent suggestion that I upgrade my new phone to ios 10. I didn't know it had just literally been released and so upgrading right then and thereprobably wasn't the best idea I'd ever had. Then I noticed that the calendar I use to track what needs to be paid when was not showing up on my phone like it had previously. It was all there on my desktop but why... Sigh... I just liked having that information on my phone calendar as well as on my computer that's all... just in case. Sigh... I just discovered that it DOES show up on my iPad and I think I have just figured out why and how to resolve the problem.wall.gif

I was in pit bull last night. I just had to figure out how to solve my problems. True to form, I could not walk away from them until I had to due to sheer exhaustion at about 4:30 this morning. I had long gone past the point where I could not think straight any longer and I was just spinning my wheels going nowhere. To make matters even worse, I was having trouble keeping my eyes open as well so I finally yielded to common sense and went to bed.

I awakened about 4 1/2 hours later. It still was not enough sleep but I was better. I tackled the problem again with fresh eyes and a fresh mind... well... fresher. The problems that had stumped me in the wee hours of the morning were not nearly as daunting and I was able to not only resolve nearly all of within the hour but was able to unearth and deal with others as well. Whew!

I am reminded that so often in life I will hang onto problems rather than simply release them to God. I don't know about you but sometimes, I might release them but I find myself tugging at God like an anxious child. "Have you taken care of it yet? When are you going to fix it? Don't forget! Do you want me to help?" We really are children aren't we.

May we learn to place our cares in the hands of God and let go. If He wants us to do something... He will let us know.



Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Well if it's any comfort -you are not alone.

Steve Hurt @serveonlyhim ·

I've got to chuckle over this one. Could of written this myself. I used to repair computers and solve software conflicts for folks, just as a hobby, something I enjoyed. Once I got hold of a tough problem I could be up for days. Only thing I would think about, Rita would have to make me eat something.

I'm that way with most things. Including Bible study. I glad we have a understanding and slow to anger Almighty.


My Motto for living a quiet and stress free life is simply "Ah stuff it" and fire it in the corner and walk away. Maybe I do that because I know that G or Tom will fix it for me.

Sometimes there is nowt wrong with having a pit bull attitude , at other times it is probably wiser to ask God once and then leave the problem in His capable hands.

Nancy Stank @nancystank ·

I just wrote on this today! I give my problems to Him and often times without even realizing I take them back just as quickly as I released them! Glad I'm not alone.

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

I had to laugh at this a little while recognising the wisdom and truth. In the last two days, two separate wise people have given me advice to try and cure my 'dog-with-a-bone' attitude. One of them told me, in relation to a completely unreasonable person we deal with, "When you drive at full speed into a brick wall, all you do is wreck your car. The trick is knowing when the wall is made of bricks, and when you can knock it down. Sometimes you have to climb slowly."

And now here is a third wise person. This time a :princess: - must take heed and try to remember that sometimes what is holding us back is the Holy Spirit, like in Acts 16, and not just an unreasonable person or a tough challenge. And that sometimes God's plan takes more time than my small mind had planned on allocating. And stop saying GRRRRRRRRR so much

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