Let Not Your Heart Be Hardened

This evening, an old Petra song has been running through my head.
May it always stay so childlike - may it never grow too old
Don't let your heart be hardened - may you always know the cure
Keep it broken before Jesus; keep it thankful, meek, and pure

May it always feel compassion - may it beat as one with God's
May it never be contrary - may it never be at odds
May it always be forgiving - may it never know conceit

May it always be encouraged - may it never know defeat
May your heart be always open - never satisfied with right
May your heart be filled with courage and be strengthened with all might
Let His love rain down upon you
Breaking up your fallow ground
Let it loosen all the binding
Till only tenderness is found
--Written by Bob Hartman

When we first come to Christ, our hearts are so very tender toward Him. We are overflowing with joy and we want to share Him with everyone we meet. It is sort of being like a newlywed.

Over time however, if we are not careful, we sort of get used to His presence and we might even take Him for granted. We allow other things to take precedence over Him and those things might even drown out His voice as far as we are concerned. As our heart focuses on other things, it is in danger of becoming hardened toward God.

I believe that we must consciously take steps to prevent the hardening of our heart. In addition to hiding God's Word in our heart, we must spend time in both prayer and praise. When we truly commune with God, our hearts will be tender for He is the healer of the hardened heart.


K :princess:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

K :princess: This is a beautiful song and prayer. We can so often get caught up in life that we forget the importance of that childlike heart.
Thanks for reminding me. This was a good read for me this morning.


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