Little Things Really Can Make A Difference

It is no secret that I am currently driving "the car of death". I am no stranger to cars of death. The last car of death I drove had to be hot-wired every time I wanted to start it. This happened as a result of my son totallying it on a bridge one winter in an ice-related accident and we had to wait a few weeks for the insurance companies to fight out. The car was still drivable actually but for some strange reason, I had to start it via the battery instead of the "normal" way. A friend who is a mechanic obligingly showed me how thinking I'd only have to do that a few times before the insurance money came through. He never dreamed I'd be forced to do it one dark night in the middle of an electrical storm :eek: Yes, my guardian angel (or is that angels) works overtime. That was six years ago.

Currently, the motor went out on the power windows on the driver's side, (it's not getting fixed until next Friday night by same friend), my air conked out on me at the end of the summer, and we've had a sudden heat wave. Whew! Being in a van when none of the windows on the driver's side work and the air doesn't work is no fun when it gets warm! Oh, and I've learned my front end is in danger of falling off at some point in time. I learned that back in January. I need it to stay on until at least the first part of December which is when I make the final tuition payment for my son. Of course, does this impeding doom keep me from zooming off on all sorts of excursions. Nope...

Anyway, that whole bit of rambling was simply to set the stage for what this blog is really about. Little things really can make a difference. How did I jump from the "car of death" to this? Bear with me.

On Saturday, after breakfast, my husband and I decided to look at some cars just to get an idea of what was out there. We took his vehicle which is not a car of death. Why am I driving it and not him? Well in all fairness, he had his own car of death until two years ago. Mine didn't turn into a car of death until last fall. It's my turn. I'm a "big girl" who has had a lot of experience with cars of death and I've been assured that when the front end does fall off, it will just sort of "settle down", I won't lose control of the vehicle and I'll be good to drive it for at least a few miles to a safe location. With my track record, however, my friend is confident said front end will not fall off until I purchase a new vehicle. He has seen this happen so much over the past 22 years that he says, "Normally one good pothole would bring down the front end but we're talking about you .

We decided to test drive a couple of vehicles. We take out the first one. My husband, being a sound guy, has to check out the sound system of course. We laugh because it is set to the Christian radio station we listen to. The sales person is hopeful we will take this as an omen.

We try out the second kind of vehicle I'm considering. Lo and behold this vehicle is also set for the same station. We all laugh at that. Then the car salesman says something that caught us completely off guard. "Say, isn't that the station that does that thing called The Drive-thru Difference?" Yeah, it was. Periodically, they encourage people to participate in trying to make a difference in someone's day by paying for the order of the person behind them in the drive-thru line.
It sounds like such a small thing but there have been some amazing stories which have come out of this.

"I had that happen to me last week." Before we knew it, the young man sitting in the back of the vehicle we were driving suddenly gave us a glimpse into his life. He's struggling financially like a lot of people. It was less than $6.00 he said but the fact that someone had "gifted" him just made him feel like someone cared. "I went back to work that day and told everyone what someone had done for me. I smiled the rest of the day." Then he asked why they were doing it and we got a chance to tell him about Jesus, the one who truly does make a difference in our lives.

Did he make a decision to follow Christ that day? No but a door has been opened and part of that opening involved an act of kindness in a drive-thru.
May all the world see Christ in us...each and every day.

K :princess:

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

What a great story! We truly never know what a difference even the smallest things in life will make. We all tend to look for the parting of the Red Sea when many times all we need is for the puddle in front of us to part. We look for the 5,000 to feed fishes to when God sends us one person who wants to learn how to fish.

Anyway, thanks for the reminder and I am praying you get just the right vehicle so you can be driving a "car of life" instead of the alternative. We really don't want to see a Kprincess sweltering in heat in a car with no front end.



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