Living In A Construction Zone

The church we have been attending for a little year own the warehouse where we meet. Recently the leases expired for a couple of major tenants (Wal-Mart and the local newspaper). We didn't renew the leases because we're growing and need the extra space. As a result, our church is currently under a lot of construction. In addition, we just started a satellite campus about 30 miles away. A church felt they weren't impacting their community anymore. So, they were looking for someone to come in and take over. We only had to pay off the balance which was less than $190,000.00 on a property valued at over 2 million. That's not bad at all so we did it. We already had a few families in the area driving all the way to our church so it was a perfect fit. Their first service was today with 138 in attendance. Despite the great condition of the church, we still wanted to do some remodeling of the kids area, fireside room, etc. So, as you can see, our church is under major construction right now.

This morning the pastor picked this theme as the topic of his sermon. It was very fitting considering that the wall behind him and one of the inner walls on the side are completely gone and were draped in black plastic!

I really needed this sermon today. He was talking about how God wants to do a construction project on us. Even if we're not following Christ, God still has plans for us. He's just waiting to get the permit (permission) from us. As part of the construction project in our church, some demolition is required. This involves things like knocking down walls, tearing up tiles, ripping out plumbing, etc. God always seems to have to do demolition in our lives. It involves getting rid of junk we don't need, tearing out walls we've built up, getting rid of things that aren't any good and so on. Usually it involves a lot of discomfort.

God's construction projects are ongoing. They take a lifetime to complete. Personally, I think it doesn't end there. In The Last Battle, C.S. Lewis wrote "Deeper in and higher up." which meant even after death God wants to take you to new depths and new heights. I believe that is true.

Right now, in my life, I'm facing destructive forces in a physical sense. It's easy to become fearful of those things. Then I remember that God is in charge of the construction project that is me. He never makes a mistake. He has a blueprint for my life. Some things, no a lot of things, are not according to my plan. However, if I truly believe that God is God, then I can be confident that they are according to his plan. I am finding myself growing in anticipation as I face surgery and treatment for cancer. What plans does God have for me? What plans does he have for those I come into contact with. You know, this is bigger and more exciting than we can ever imagine!:dance:

*8/18/11--This blog is now part of a series entitled Walking With God In The Midst of Cancer.

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

What a great illustration, the construction area. You gotta demolish the old before reconstruction can begin. Beth Moore uses a similar illustration regarding our thoughts, she likens them to wallpaper. You have to rip out the old wallpaper and then put up the new.

Thanks for a great blog.



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