Living In A Dark, Cold And Dangerous World

On my way to church yesterday, I noted the beautiful winter sky and thought to myself that if I had not listened to the weather report, I would have never known there had been a winter storm warning issued for later that day. I would have never known that over the next few days, temperatures were going to plummet and the windchill would be such that frostbite could occur in less than five minutes. 

A lot of people think they know what "cold" feels like but as a native Minnesotan, I can tell you that I am not talking about that type of cold. I am talking about the cold that rips into your very bones, where you desperately try to warm the air a bit by cupping your hands over your nose before inhaling. Why? Because it is so cold it makes your lungs hurt and leaves you gasping for air. 

It is the type of cold that literally numbs your face, hands and feet. It makes you want to curl up in a ball and that thought consumes you so much that you fight angainst it with every ounce of your being. You know that if you succumb to that thought, you will probably die. 

This is what cold means to me and this is the type of cold I am talking about. Over the next few days, in addition to plunging into the double-digits at the wrong end of the thermometer (Fahrenheit), when you factor in the wind, it is even colder. 

Windchill warnings for my area have been issued through Thursday morning. They are expecting that the windchill could drop as low as -60F. It is not just cold out there, it is deadly.

The warnings have been issued. If you do not have to venture outside, don't. If you do, make sure you take precautions. You need to be well-hydrated. Every bit of skin needs to be covered. Remember, at these temperatures, you can develop frostbite in less than five minutes. You need to have adequate outdoor clothing that is designed to withstand extreme cold. My oldest grandchild, who is NOT going out by the way, has a one-piece outdoor garment called a "Shiverless" that is designed to withstand temperatures of -20F. It covers him from head to toe. 

I am reminded that we live in a a cold, dark and dangerous world. That means we need to be fully prepared and equipped to deal with it. We need to be fully clothed in the armor of God. We need to heed God's warnings and act accordingly. We need to be well-fed and well-hydrated through God's Word as well as prayer. We need to pay attention as we venture out into the world. We need not be afraid of the world but we do need to be prepared to walk in it.

Joseph John Golden @josephjohn ·

very good comparison, I have a cousin that lives in Minnesota and she has been talking about how cold its supposed to be up there over the next few days.
This world seems to be getting darker every day.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Good blog but no way will I come your way at this time of the year. Today it is 31.5 C and we in Auckland are one of the lowest temp.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Im shivering at the thought of your shivering . Fail to prepare means preparing to fail eh! Let us not forget to prepare our spirit and soul each and every day for the cold that awaits.

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